April 9th, 2011

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Quick question.

Hopefully I don't sound too stupid asking this xD

Why do you put the eyes in before furring? I'm going to be furring my head with fleece, and I figure it'll work better to pull the fleece into the eye sockets, wrap it around the edges of the eye socket on the inside and attach it, then install the balaclava and glass eyes.
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Fursuit handlers panel at a fur con

I feel like this may have already been addressed not too terribly long ago, so if it has please point me in the direction of the post and I'll gladly delete this!

I'd like to do a sort of fursuit handling/spotter basics panel at an upcoming fur con. I've never been a panelist however I think it would still be fun and would like to hear what things you think is important for a good fursuit handler or spotter to know to ensure a fun/safe environment for all. I know some of the basics already being a fursuit builder and all but I don't want to forget or overlook anything. Any advice would be very helpful!

This is a pretty good video I found a while back of a panel teaching 'How to be a fursuit handler', but if you think that something else should be addressed/added/etc let me know.
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What up, dawg?

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Loosely based on a pit bull or bully breed dog, and for now she's being called Morgan, in memory of my friend's dog (with similar markings) that recently passed.

The head was built over an old canine base (originally intended to be a wolf, but I bulked it up quite a bit to get the current shape) that I ended up not using, renovating it into a domestic canine.

Crits are welcome! There are several things I've learned on this costume though if you have any input please share. (My biggest personal beef is muzzle shape, I'm not entirely pleased with it but as it's meant to be a young bully breed dog I'm "okay" with it for now, anyway.) Also, the costume's up for sale in my Etsy shop if anyone is interested, the price is negotiable. ;)

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