April 13th, 2011

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Looking for critique/redlines on a head please :)


Hello there! I started working on my first head a while ago and have been tinkering with it every now and then, but I'm just too frustrated with its shape to take the next step. I'm hoping I can get some critique or pointers on it so I can finally finish this project. There are more details after the cut.

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Looking for a fur

I'm looking for a fur recently at Mendel's called "Kitty Marmalade". It is very similar to the "grape" color currently on their website, a little shorter than a typical shag (1" or so) and a golden orange color. If anyone has ANY of this fur they are willing to part with, please let me know. I don't need much, but apparently they're out and it's unknown whether they can get more. 

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Adhesive help?

Hey there, I'm making a Manectric quadsuit currently and need a little advice. I am currently working on foaming the thighs so that they are the correct size.

The thing is, there are these huge spikes on Manectric's thighs (see attached photo for reference). I am planning on making the spike parts out of the pink insulation foam since I have a bunch left over from a previous project, and because they will maintain their shape (and I'm on a really tight budget as it is, so I'd rather not have to buy more foam).

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good glue that I could use to adhere the insulation foam to high density upholstery foam (what I'm using for everything else). I will use hot glue if it just comes down to it, since it works pretty well, but I wasn't sure if anyone knew of a more specific glue that would work better.

Thanks again!

Also, here's the picture of Manectric:

And a link to a bigger reference: i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll210/arichelic/electric_art_setteimanectric01.jpg
See the spikes? That's what I'm trying to tackle right now.

1st head crit please!

Hi! So, I've been working on my first head and since I'm looking to actually get into the biz, please offer any crits you can as I'm hoping to learn and get better. It's a border collie/Aussie mix, based on my doggie. Her pic is below too. The ears are cut off like that because I'm trying the 'ear flop' method to put the base on it and then add the fur, letting it lop over naturally. I don't know what is up with the right ear, it's not bending as much as the other...I guess I'm just hoping that the fur will weight it down...? So yeah..thoughts, please?


More pics under cut:
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EDIT!: Thank you all for the comments so far!! I added another 1/2 inch block to the cheeks and tried to round out the back of the head as best I could. If it's still too blocky I'd appreciate any tips on how to round it more. New pics under cut.

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Need Fur!

Anyone have a yard or two of CR's red fox cubby on hand that they'd be willing to sell to me?? I need it for a mid-May deadline and CR's website won't say if they're out until I pay. =T
Actually, if anyone happens to know whether or not they are currently out of red fox cubby, white cubby, or black cubby please let me know!)
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I'm curious if there is anyone selling resin blanks in more than single quantities and if there would be a discount?

I've been wanting to make some feline resin masks as well as some wolf masks, however I lack the space, time, and skills to create them.

I'm thinking maybe 3 feline and 3-5 wolf/fox blanks.

Also, if the maker would be interested in some sort of trade for them or partial trade, that would be awesome!

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