April 20th, 2011

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Crits desired on WIP head

So I think I posted this here many moons ago but it was with another project and more of a "Hey look what I'm working on!" kind of thing, so I didn't really get a whole lot of feedback.

A bit of background- every suit I make for myself as a personal costume sucks. :P I think because it's not for a customer, I get lazy and think things are "good enough", while I obsess and stress over things for customers, making sure it's all perfect before I move on. I also tend to start personal costumes, set them on the back burner for anywhere between 6 months to 3 years (!!!) and then try to pick it up again to finish it, which... doesn't always work really well.

SO since this is my fursona suit I really want it to come out WELL. I started the foamwork last summer maybe? So it's already old, but I don't see any major issues with the shaping even still. I'd love to have some fresh eyes look at it and either reassure me it looks like the character, or give me a few crits on how to make it look better.

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Kitty Ears *EDIT*

QUICK QUESTION! I'm about to order fur. Does anyone know off hand what mail service CR's uses to ship their packages? USPS, FedEx, or UPS?

Just finished the foamwork for my maneki neko kitten's head. I just need a little help with the ears. Right now they look really mousey, and I think it's just because they're too round, but I'm not sure.

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good material for a crawdad?

Hey guys!

I have a commission lined up in August for a "fancy" Crawdad mascot complete with a top hat, suit, and cane. ;) Does anyone have any good suggestions as far as materials go for the body? Normally I'd make something like this out of fleece, but I don't know how well that would hold up as far as mascots go. I've made mascots in the past out of DF fur and it's held up incredibly well, but I think a crawdad would just look odd out of fur. Thanks!


A good sculpting material

I really don't want to use sculpy as a clay and I've been wanting to do resin heads for a while. I'd like to find a cheep clay that can be hardened via oven or self hardening.

I'm also looking for a good moving jaw explination that includes words and pictures. Perferably one that's for foam heads only
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New DF Furs Available!

Distinctive Fabrics updated their website today with many new furs such as FEATHER fur (perfect for bird fursuits!), patch-together fox fur, and a new "designer fur" section. Also, they have new colors available in their 3" Extra Long furs! :D


It seems that they are slowly running out of Sparkle furs, and no longer carry Camel or Beige 2" fur at the moment. :(
Maybe one day they will sell good-quality solid short furs that are as great as their 2" long. :3

Make sure to use their 15% off monthly discount too! For April, its: ALL411