April 22nd, 2011

What should I make?

Gonna make a suit to sell I think, but not sure just what to make. So far I've made a husky, a fennec fox, a red panda, and a lioness. Probably will do a canine since I imagine that would sell faster, but not sure on colors.

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identify this fur?

I got it in a box of scraps I bought a while back, it's perfect for a project coming up but I am unable to locate any more of it. It's for a full suit.
It's long and very soft with black tips on a cream base.
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Another "How Many Yards?" question...

I am 5'6"...
How many yards will I need for a full digitigrade fursuit? The colors are this: caramel on the back of the ears, with a design down the back (similar to a skunk's), and two rings on the tail, with two little strips down the stomach. Off-white on the cheeks, chin, down the stomach, and under the palms and feet, and around the eyes, and spots on the back of the ears. Cream on the rest of the body.

I would like to stay within 3-4 yards, 5 is going over my budget. Will this be enough for a head, a feline tail, digitigrade body, feet, and hands?