April 23rd, 2011

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Illustrated Duct-Tape-Dummy Tutorial

Just thought I'd post this here, as it may be helpful to some folks.
For the longest time I'd direct my commissioners to the LatinVixen DTD tutorial, which is awesome! However it seems to be one of the few fursuit-based DTD tutorials available, and for a while I've been toying with the idea of making my own for my business so my customers could have a better idea of what was needed. The main issue I had with some people's dtds is that they didn't tape high enough to the neck, or on the wrists and ankles, and later had gaps between the fursuit head, paws or feet and the body, etc.
So I modestly doodled a tutorial that covers my preferred method of making a DTD. It doesn't differ much from LatinVixen's at all, just an alternative tutorial that uses simple drawings instead of photos.
Hope it is useful to some of you, and feel free to link to it for your own purposes if you wish.


The guy in the tutorial isn't supposed to look like anybody, I just draw stubbly-headed dudes :P

How do you store all that fur?

I have several yards of fur in my apartment, but it's taking up space that could be my kitchen.  How do you guys store your fur?

I searched the net for fabric storage ideas.  I found bolt racks, but I don't have bolts, just yards.  I found some boards you can pin remnants to, but I think fur would be too thick and too big for those.

I imagine I could store it more conveniently if I had some bars to drape it over.   I'm not sure where to find something suitable though, unless I made it myself.  Perhaps towel racks would do?  Maybe some ikea hacking?
Hey Shay

What websites sell furs comparable to Distinctive?

I know I saw a post here sometime last year that prompted me to purchase my fur from another dealer during their sale. I think the post said they sold the same fur as distinctive, and when I ordered it, It was indeed great fur to work with (and exactly like Distinctive) And Does anyone know of a light grey fabric? anything lighter than Distinctive's grey? soft to the touch frosted even? Or if you have any pictures of The Russian Husky Fur from fabric.com in use on a head/ fursuit? Well, scratch that, any light greys out there? lol

Now, can anyone give me some sites that sell good fur for fursuits? I'm compiling a list here so I can link friends and others who are looking for the same information ^^

List so far:

Mandels - expensive

CR fabric - can anyone tell me what fur is ok to buy for suits and what isn't? I have yet to order swatches, and I didn't want to have to order swatches from all of their catagories just to figure out which category is worth looking at. Thanks for any help or pictures of suits using their fur :)

Distinctive - I've purchased many times from them, prices are great, and the fur has been wonderful to work with.


Just realized someone said there is a list on the front page... XD
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Velboa Fur?

 I didn't see anything in the memories regarding this fur but if it was there and I missed it, I apologize. Anyway, has anyone used it before? I'm looking at possibly using fleece for the face on a quadsuit head I'm working on to contrast the shag fur that I need for the rest of the head. I was looking at the images of the velboa and it didn't really look too different from the fleece appearance-wise. Does anyone know if the two really do look that similar or if the images are just making them look that way? For reference, here's the fur I was looking at: http://www.fabricempire.com/velboa-solid-faux-fur.aspx