April 24th, 2011

Floppy bunny ears

 Hey guys! I'm working on a new suit, he's going to be a rabbit with long floppy ears that fall to mid back. I was just wondering, I know how to make/sew the ears, but how do I attach them to the head afterwards securely, so I can be sure the transition from head to ear looks smooth, and they won't fall off?? Thanks for all of your help! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING. <3
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maui, dolphin


I've been making a Lynx/Bobcat to wear during Bay to Breakers this year and I just wanted to share the progress so far. I am directly painting with a brush all the color, and I had tested several types of paint and settled on regular acrylic, the colors fade as the washes dry so it will be need multiple layers. First layer of paint applied today. It needs a name :)
The head's frame is plastic mesh with foam, Tohickon cougar eyes and Mendel's Punky Muppet:)
Here Kitty Kitty... 21 days to go! #b2b100 #b2bcostume on Twitpic