April 25th, 2011


brush on latex;

hey there.... have a non-fursuit but still costume project coming up soon. and it will involve a latex chest and arms. so! my question is; I have a muscle undersuit from an old halloween costume [full body] I'm pretty sure its cotton lycra, theres no tag saying what it is.

would brush on latex work to make the torso and arms more skin like instead of david dickinson orange? [UK joke :P]

fur is out, as it NEEDS to be skin like, other option is skin coloured lycra painted... not fleece, this needs to be able to look wet/bloodied up. for anyone curious its for a pyramid head cosplay, I'm female so the muscle chest is important :)


going for the homecoming/movie look :) any fabric sugguestions for his apron are also great! already have a good idea on how I'm making his helmet :)

Foam kinds

Ok, I've asked about foam before and I think I called it something else so the answers were not the kinds of foam I wanted.


It is yellowish-white and stiffer than the green high density. You can carve it down pretty easily and it light. I've seen makers use it before, so any info would be awesome.
Also, if anyone has an online source for it, I would love a link! <3

H.M. the GearWyrm

Lookin' for a bunch of fur scraps...

 So this past weekend I realized that I was sadly lacking in variety as far as smaller scraps of soft fur to make my little wyrm hatchlings out of.  
(basically little wee versions of these guys - http://dartjunkie.deviantart.com/#/d3d15lf )

I still have a bunch of white and off-white, but am low on black and pretty much everything else. So....anyone have a bunch of scraps of fur they're looking to offload for a reasonable price? I'm looking for DF fur or something similar *soft, thick, good quality stuff*, in 1/2 square foot or larger pieces. Bigger pieces I can use for the full size wyrmlings is also good.  Looking for a good variety of colors, both natural tones and some brightly colored, funky stuff. Bonus if you're going to FurAffinity United and can deliver it there, but I'm not against paying shipping either...flat rate priority boxes are <3. 
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Speak To The Claw
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Fur Wanted!


I'm looking to buy a couple feet of long pile black fur as well as some long pile white fur. I'm hoping for something 3" or more. Do any of you fursuit folks have any scraps you'd be willing to sell? :D
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Washing a suit?

Quick question on behalf of one of my friends:

His bodysuit is pretty simple, no airbrushing or anything fancy except: The tail is attached to the suit. It's an ALL foam core tail, so I'm wondering.. how should he go about washing it? For sure not in the washing machine, so probably by hand. I would imagine there's probably some special things he should do.

Any tips or ideas?


fuax fur, Horns, teeth. and tails

So im about to help a friend make a suit but me and her both are confused on how to do a few things.

Ok so i saw that fabric.com is having a fabric sell for a few of there furs. Like how there only $10 a yard.
But only 3 colors are available at this price, is there anything wrong with this fur?
Also i heard a while back about how people have been getting folds in there fur. Is this still an issue with them?
And if you have any pictures of any of there fur being used on a suit i would love to see them. :)

When going about horns and saber fangs on a suit, how should i go about this. Should i just use felt to make them and just stuff them or would it be best to use clay of some kind. But i worry about using clay, how do you keep them from breaking? Is there something i should put over them to keep them from breaking?

And last but not least the tail. I'm wanting to make a almost husky like tail but i'm not sure how to give it that curl. This question has probably been asked before but i couldn't find the entry. I would rather not use a foam core though. I've heard how people use bullets to tell them were to cut and sew but how big and where should i put these? The tail is going to be long with a curl at the end.

Sorry about the incredibly long list of questions. x3
But any answers are appreciated. :)

Can I use this foam in a head?

Okay, I'm going to make my first fursuit(it's going to be a cheetah) and I need a little advice. Can this www.dewfoam.com/Index/pufoamdewfoam.html be used in a fursuit head?

They have a factory just near my place, so I should have easy access to it. I'm worried about carving, though. I think it's too soft for details. But I also heard it's also good for body padding and feet pads, is that true?
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