April 28th, 2011

The head's just not right...

I'm making a toony labrador but the head's just not quite right. I've done my own redlines and I'm happy enough with the front view but I can't get the side view quite right. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, please feel free to correct my redlines or offer suggestions. At this point I'm just guessing, after all.

I really hope I've done this 'hide images on front page' thing properly.. oh well, here goes nothing!

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Silver/Metalic fur

Hey guys, I just thought I would pick your brains about something.
I have had a request from a customer for a 'silver' tiger with black stripes and I was wondering how you might go about doing this.
I have considered using the silver fox fur (dark base with lighter tips) but then shaving down around the face and hands would look weird. I also considered using DF's sparkle fur, BUT because I am not in the US and they dont want to ship internationally getting ahold of it would be a struggle. I have also considered sraying/airbrushing the tips of the fur with some silver paint to give the fur a metalic shine (but I only have gold at the moment and it is looking odd, when I brush it most of the gold paint seems to be stripped out of the fur)

So do you guys have any other ideas??
The customer has said if I cant figure something out a plain black and white tiger would be ok but I would really like to give them exactly what they want if it is possible.


Methods for Installing 3D Eyes?

I'm getting ready to try making 3D/follow-me eyes for the first time ever, so I was just curious to know what the preferred methods are of my fellow makers!

More specifically, your installation methods. I spent several hours this past weekend browsing through Memories, taking notes, studying tutorials and suits that feature a 3D eye style that appeals to me, etc. I've learned a lot already and feel pretty confident about actually constructing the eyes, but the only part of the entire process that I'm still unsure about is how people go about installing them into the head.

Do you guys build the eyes separately, attach them to the head/balaclava, THEN build the rest of the head around the eyes? Or do you assemble the entire head first, then construct the eyes and install them afterwards? What's your preference? Or do you do something completely different?

I'm thinking I may try and build the eyes first and attach them to the head, then build up the rest afterwards. Right now, I'm just interested in hearing about other makers' preferences and experiences, as the more knowledge/ideas I have going into this, the better I think my chances are of making something that looks good. So if you're willing to share some of your methods, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks in advance. c:

Castable Plastics

Has anyone here done works with plastics/castable plastics? I am looking to streamline some details on my costumes and think plastic would be ideal but not sure where to start. Most of the info I'm finding via memories/tags is for silicone or latex and I don't want to go down that route just yet.

I have seen the InstaMorph plastics online and while it sounds great the fact that it can be re-melted at a low temp of 140F kind of worries me, not something I would necessarily want to use because a costume could get left in a hot car and that could be damaging to an easily melted plastic. So I think InstaMorph is out.

In particular I'm curious about the Smooth-Cast 300 series since it seems to set up quick and is supposed to be pretty durable according to the web site. Has anyone here used it? How does it hold up? Have you used any other products that are similar? How did you go about doing your mold?

Any info would be great, I am really looking to do small accents in plastic so I don't really want to go to the trouble of vacu-forming or anything, casting seems to be ideal.

Thanks!! :)

First suit crits!

Hi all! So I finished this partial suit tonight..my first completed suit! woot! I'm really interested in getting some critique on it. I defiantly learned a lot through building this...like why most suits have mouths OPEN! lol. Anyway, there are certainly things I learned to do differently next time..I'm not really happy with the nose and next time I need to do the lip in one piece and maybe try rolled fleece rather than foamie. But mostly, I'm happy with it! Any tips/suggestions would be most appreciated.

Images under cut:

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Is there a product like this out there??

So, I have a couple project concepts sneaking around the back of my head... and I was wondering if any crafty individuals here have ever seen a product that would do the following:

Start with a foam-type base, carve to required shape, whatever that may be.
Spray or brush-apply layers of the mystery product over the foam shape.
Allow to dry.
Product would dry fairly strong and hard, so to allow sanding and/or carving of detail lines, while remaining secured to the foam under-structure.


So, just to avoid confusion, as I stated below in the comments:

The basic concept I'm going for would be to, say [for example], imagine using this as a way to make upholstery foam props, but with a "hard candy shell" that could be decorated and painted.
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New Fursuit Idea...

Alright guys - I have a new fursuit idea. I've sort of realized I'm not amazing at making fursuits but I keep taking a stab at it! At any rate, I was so inspired by a recent 'roo suit I saw on this community I decided to make one:


I wanted it to be more red kangaroo-y with Goodfellow's tree kanga markings. It'll be a partial. The fur choices are above - help me pick? XD I'm not sure if there's better options out there, I scoured!