April 30th, 2011



So I am trying to make my second fursuit head. It is a feline. Maybe a calico cat. I am not doing so well. I was hoping to get a redline from a few ppl or just comments. I know felines are harder than canine but i wanted a challenge. I think I makre the Muzzle to square on the top of the jaw. i noticed the jaws would not stay up and im not sure what to do about that either.
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PS.. I am going for a toony head.

NFT fur care


Recently I just bought 3 square feet of nft fur to use on a recent project. I plan on using it more for a accent. Place it around the neck,elbows, "heels" on the digitgrade, tail, etc etc I got the mono acrylic 5-7" long fibers. but my real question is;

How well does this stuff take a beating? Do I have to be careful when I wash it? I heard it can shed a bit, is there anyway I can help prevent this? I invested a good 140 bucks and I want to be sure I take good care of it.

I already washed it once cause my allergies couldn't handle the dust or what they use on the fur. Was causing my throat to be scratchy. It washed just fine but I was hesitant to brush it.

So any tips?

Insect Eyes?

I have a plan to make a suit. It's just that my issue is that the character is a bug.

I have mostly planned out how to do it due to craft foam armor tutorials (I think I may hotglue some foamies to a cotton/spandex blend backing. Any experience out there, cosplayers? Will this last?), but I have an issue and that's the eyes. I've pretty much narrowed my options to tearduct vision as there's probably no other way to do that and that's okay. I'm just not sure how I'm going to go about making those compound eyes.

Any ideas?