May 2nd, 2011

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Dealing with loss of motivation

So I've been working on this one suit for a long time now. It... actually shouldn't be taking me this long, but I keep setting it aside for long periods of time. I think the tediousness of sewing the markings is getting to me. There's just so many! Add in all the darts and such (there's a looooot of these too) and it feels like I'm not getting anywhere. Must remember to be careful about designing striped characters...

Anyway, I was wondering: what do you do to keep up drive/motivation to keep working on a suit when that kind of.. frustration sinks in? When it feels more a chore than a project? I /really/ want to finish the suit, it's a great character, I know I'll have fun with it, it's just /finishing/ it that's the issue.

Latex Allergies

This was posted on a DeviantArt blog, regarding latex allergies, and specifically, people making pawpads out of latex. Since DA has had some virus issues lately, I  will repost the text of it here. It's something all makers should really consider!


The Dangers of Latex Pawpads

As someone who is allergic to latex to the point I swell up like a fat red tomato and break into hives, and someone who likes to go mingle at furry events and hug and be friendly, I find the idea of making latex fursuit parts that will be TOUCHING PEOPLE absolutely terrifying.

Does no one think of this when they make paw pads out of latex? Does no one think of what might happen if some fur with latex pawpads happen to hug another who happens to be allergic to latex?

Latex allergies are actually stunningly common. And they range from mild skin irritation to life threatening reactions where the throat closes up. And someone don't even need direct contact, just contact of latex through clothes or, maybe in these cases, fursuits, could be enough to send them off in an ambulance, or, at the very least, ruin their day with a rash.

Now I know that, like all allergies, you can't protect the world, but it's one of those things where if you KNOW you'll be touching people, you should at least be a little considerate to this risk. It's like if you know you're going to be working or meeting with people who have a peanut allergy, don't even risk it by eating some pb&j for breakfast.

I know there are many other things you can use to cast paw pads, and if you can learn to cast latex, you can learn to cast those things too.

And hell I know, people can be allergic to things like silicone too, but the chance of someone being deathly allergic to silicone is VERY small compared to the number of people who are allergic to latex.

So just as a warning, please all you makers out there, please keep us furs with this allergy in mind and try not to use this material for pawpads. ;w;

Fur Retailers

I was asking a question about the fur on - which seems to come from I got my answer - thanks.

But instead of posting another topic on fur, I decided to reuse this.

New: I found a fabric website - Fabric Depot - with a nice faux fur section. It's a lot of the same stuff as Mendel's and DF and, normally, it's more expensive than either. However, they are having a 25% off sale right now. Some of their foxes are on sale for $26.25, if people are interested.

I am very hair-brained today (blame finals). Sorry about that. Here is the link: Faux Furs are under Basic & Fashion Fabric.

Alternatives to latex

Right so

following the previous post, lets talk about alternatives to latex for making pawpads, noses and other costume parts likely to come into contact with other people when interacting in suit. Please note this is NOT a post to debate whether we need to change materials, this is for people who have already decided to move to other materials and would like more information

For most people, silicone is a good alternative to latex. What do you use to cast silicone? What are the best brands of silicone? can it be pre-dyed? painted? what kind of dyes and paints? what precautions are needed when working with it? How can we attach pieces after making them?

how about other synthetic rubbers? any recommendations?

Any experience and input would be appreciated, I've only used silicone for mold making not final pieces, and my molding silicone is probably too weak for pads anyway. 

Foot Paw Progress

effen cat eris valgen

Shiela roo finished!!! <3

As promised pictures of the finished roo head <3
She features the new constructed 3D moving eyes, resin nose, resin moving jaw, and flexible ears =D This my second time ever actually airbrush the face on a fursuit head. I was extremely nervous..but i loved how it came out <3

What do you think guys??? =3