May 3rd, 2011

Belly Flash

Macroceli Dinosaur

I'm sure people are sick of seeing this across all my pages, but i'm quite proud of this costume and thought i'd share it with the fursuit group.

Here are a couple of nice images showing the suit in it's full glory.

So proud of this costume. ^__^

A brief description on how it was made is found in the description on the link above.

A video can also be found here


Daniel Yote WIP

I have been really getting a lot of work done on the most recent costume in my queue, Daniel Yote:

(Click the thumbnail for the full size image)

He needs teeth, and a neck, and a little more fine-tuning but the head is nearly done!

The full costume should be done and ready to leave in about a week or so. I'm really loving how this one's coming out. :)
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back of the head furring?

1st off I should say this isn't ocesome, it's Happy posting under her name just because I'm too lazy to log in myself but anyways, I wanted to know when furring the back of your suits head how do you get the fur to conform to it/your contours? does it have to be two separate pieces?



or darts like this?

Yakko crazy

2in Camel VS 3in Camel

I've been patiently waiting for any sign of a fur swatch in the mail from Mendels for over a week and a half now, but it hasn't arrived yet and it's put my fursuit-making on hold. I'm going CRAAAAZY!

I'd love to know if anyone knows if Mendels 3inch "Shaggy Mongolian" in the color Camel will match their Camel 2inch "Punky Muppet" fur.
Are they fairly close in color? Does anyone have a photo of this fur being used?
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(no subject)

OK all, what are your currently-used alternatives to CR's cubby bear white and Montery's knit pile white? Will need to buy very soon or be totally stopped on this suit.