May 6th, 2011


I am setting up to make my DTD and I'm pretty stumped here. I'm doing stompy feet and femme padding (not crazy fake boobs just extra curves for a symmetry's sake) and I'm not quite sure if I need to make 1 DTD or 2. Here are my ideas:

Make standard DTD, stuff well, pad, plastic wrap, DTD over that. Use DTD 1 as a undersuit made of something breathable (no stretch, 2 way stretch, 4 way stretch?) 

Attach foam with spray glue to a lycra bodysuit, plastic wrap, DTD. 

either way the padding will be in removable pillows for easier cleaning, probably attached with velcro or little kangaroo pouches.

Guh by Ghostmeast
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Some Recent Works

While I have been closed for large orders for a long while now, my partner and I have been collaborating on custom handpaw and tail commissions, and a few other small projects. He is really good at handsewing, very neat and tiny stitches! Gotta love hidden talents like that. :D

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