May 7th, 2011

Happy Wuffie by Philip Volponi

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Apparently I did not know I was doing a follow up on a previous post:

You’ve always wanted to have cat ears that react to your brain waves, right? No? Well, here they are anyway, nine minutes of members of the public with big fuzzy wiggling cat ears:

Some of the people look tremendously unenthusiastic, don’t they?
Here’s another promotional video for Necomimi that tries to sell the “neuro communication” device, showing how the ears move when you concentrate or relax.

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H.M. the GearWyrm

The Hunt for Green short-pile.....

So, I have a possible tail project that would require about 2/3 to a yard of hunter/emerald/regular green, short pile fur. Anyone have anything like that on hand that they could spare? Would reeeeally prefer not to order from, as they seem to be doing the Dance of Derp as far as getting the correct items out to folks lately.  If it's not a full width yard, that's fine, I basically just need enough to do a single reptile tail, which has a white underside. (have the white fabric already) Bonus if you're attending FA:U and can bring it along, but not against having it shipped either. 

Thanks! ^u^
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what screw ups has epicly screwed up my recent order, and when I posted to FA about it others mentioned similar things happening, so I want to post here and see what other problems people are having with them recently.
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I want to hear about any mistakes they made with you, and what they did to make it right.

Long white fur in Canada?

 I need to get the opinion of others. 
I am looking for long, white fur, preferably used on the chest of a fursuit (to get the poofy look). I plan on also using it for the head and tail.
I don't live close to many fabric store; fabricland doesn't have the poofy, long white fur I need. Anyone know of a Canadian fur site that sells some good quality , long white fur? I don't want to pay too much either. Thank you!

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