May 8th, 2011

jen foxworth

Attaching hair to a suit head?

I'm nearly done with my second suit head, which is a raccoon. However, it needs purple hair. In a hair style... The hair is supposed to look like this, but all purple *yes I know that's a skunk*

I already looked in the wig/hair memories, and it doesn't say anything of what I need to know. So I ask now.

How do you actually attach the hair to the suit? Do you just start gluing it with the glue gun *I don't think that's how?* d
Do you use a spray adhesive? Do you sew tufts of it into the head fur as you are attaching that to the head? I just have no idea.

And how and what is the best way to style it? Do people just keep spraying it with hair spray when they want to style it? I would imagine that smell would be hard to get out of a suit head... Is there a way to style it and keep it that way or should that be up to the person actually wearing it *since this suit isn't for me*?

Also here is how bunny turned out.
I think the worst 2 issues I had with him were his eyes installation and partially the shape of the back of his head. The back of his head has a slight lump to it, but I've figured that out, the raccoon doesn't have that. The eyes I think I've figured out as well. I was having trouble getting them to stay in *plastic bowl eyes* with hot glue, they kept popping out. So I took aquarium tubing and painted it black and put that around the corners of the eyes. That did help hold them in place, but it takes a lot of glue to actually hold the tubing on to the eyes... I need more work on figuring out how to keep those eyes in there. That's also how I did the lips, was the tubing. Over all, he turned out okay, specially for a first head, His face turned out pretty much how I wanted it to, since he's a toony easter bunny. A big major boo boo I did on the hands that thankfully no one noticed, was I made 2 left hands, both retarded sizes. The fingers are too short, but they fit on the hand, so the hand itself is larger, and like I said, it's because it was 2 left hands... It was 3 am in the morning on Easter, I had to get them done so I couldn't think right. The way his head is made however, I can fit my glasses on inside, and it's large enough for others to wear, which is also what I wanted.

Fen is finally done!

(for all intents and purposes X3 there's a few seams needing sewn and i need to adjust the digi padding at the ankle, i know it looks wonky)

she features a form-fitting bodysuit, following acrylic eyes, a mane of NFT fur, full digi padding, and silicone pads and nose. she's my first head and my first fullsuit, and i'm very proud of her!

i got a few questions about how to do a form fitted bodysuit for a larger girl, so i'll gloss over that now X3

first, i made a dtd of my body and cut it apart for the pattern, and duplicated it in a cheap fabric. i then pinned the everliving crap out of it to get it to account for my curves. to deal with the breast issue, i put on a comfortable bra and made a duct tape pattern of those too and put them right onto the pattern for the suit! it's form fitting to the point that the wrinkles in the fur on the front are *exactly* where my skin creases, so it's a perfect fur-double ^^ there is a little bagginess in my bum, so i can bend over completely, but it's minor, and is barely noticeable. i then cut where the pins were and transferred it to the fur, pinned it up, and tried it on ^^ pinned it tighter and tighter until i had it as tight as i could and still be able to move, and voila! a suit that doesn't look like a tube on a curvy girl like me ^^

without further ado, pics!
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(no subject)

Hey you guys quick question here.  To all of the makers who make bodysuits I was curious if you lined it with anything or just left it as fur.  The suit im making is a commission and i want it to look as good as possible.  If you need pictures ill post some, just let me know. =)
Thanks for all your help! <3

Mane and tail help

I'm planning on making a 3/4 suit of Pinkie Pie from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". It looks like I'll know how to make everything with not much problems, except for one thing. I'm kind of lost on how I should be even be able to make and use for her mane and tail. It's so curly. X_X

Any kind of suggestions and advice on what I should do and use would be very welcome! I mean any, too. Whether it involves foam carving or using fake hair, as long as it's an idea, then fire away. I could really use the help right now.
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model head

i need a new model head as the crappy polystyrene one i have has done its job but its not upto much in the way of life like size

my head is 24" round the brow and every head i find is 22" any links to a 24" model head? or atleast is there anyone who can help me make a lifecast of my own head?

dragon wings for a quad

So its about time i make Deathwing's wings, and i've hit a snag. Originally i was going to use 1/2" pvc pipe (like i did for the back harness) but thats just too much weight, so im trying to come up with a different material. I plan to "meat out" the wing bones with a thick pool noodle and shape accordingly. Im stuck on what to use though, any ideas?

Also, i followed Beastcub's advice on foaming my quad DTD by lightly glueing the padding onto the DTD and i plan to make a tape pattern of the entire body, but i just thought of something....once i have sewn the skin, do i just rip the padding from the DTD and glue/sew the padding inside the skin? Or is there a different way you all follow? Keep in mind i've padded the following areas: front and back bicep/top of arm, knees, calves (front and back), and butt.