May 9th, 2011

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  Hey there! So last year I worked at a haunted attraction place and I made my own mutant werewolf suit for it. Well, being used for a month, 3 nights a week, roughly 4 hours a night, and being a rush job (literally completed in a month) it's trashed. It is also a disaster and terribly UN-terrifying.
I was recently contacted by the people asking if I would be back and I would really like to, but not with that piece of junk I made. So I want to make a new suit, of epically more horrifying proportions.

So here is my concept (see under cut)

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So here's where all you lovely people come in. I was wondering about a couple of things:
1) Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to make durable spines/quills?
I tried looking online and haven't found anything. I would prefer not to use real porcupine quills because I need these to be durable. I figure porcupine quills might snap too easily. Also, flexibility is a definite bonus and partial necessity.

2) Any suggestions as to alternatives of materials/ideas that I could use that would increase either the costumes durability, heat retention, or make it a more crowd-safe costume?

Since I do not know where the staff will want to place me with this, I am taking the assumption I will either be in the corn maze (which I hope not, it's terrible in there =P ) or I will be a greeter (after people buy their ticket, but are waiting for the next available tractor). I know the costume is a little specific, which is why I don't think I'd be on the hay-ride portion (since usually this place's scenes feature hill-billies, psychos and clowns).
Knowing that means that I will probably be in close proximity to guests. Part of the job is that I can't actually touch anyone, so if I can make a costume that is safe for others in case I do bump into someone, the better (hence why it would be better if the quills were bendable).

I appreciate all the help. =)

Also, I've posted this on but I think this community has more visitors. =P Though I love any and all help from both groups.

Click on this cut for the updated reference sheet I made. =) The side view is more detailed while the front is just flat colors.
The skull is a wolf skull, though I may change it back to have the arched muzzle instead of sloped.
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Portfolio pics post #1

Hey everyone. As promised, I'm beginning to cobble together pics from my costuming portfolio into my journal, and since you guys asked to see examples of my work, I'm going to share them with you.

Here ya go! >^.^<

Since pics of things I've made are a bit scattered, since my camera is in the middle of charging at the moment, and since it's late and I want to go to bed, I'll just say that you guys can expect more fur-like stuffs later this week; consider this part 1 of x. From now on, though, I won't be posting pics of things that aren't going into my shop in this comm, so if you want to see more examples of my general costuming experience, add me as a friend or just peek into my journal every so often.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this. ^^; Next post here will be a fur-stuffs merch post, I promise.
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Puppy Ears & Tail

I just made lab puppy ears and tail as I'm stuck on the couch with the flu. =_=

I am thinking of selling at least the tail once I'm non-sick and can disinfect it for a very discounted price of $10+s and the ears I'd reluctantly give up for $35+s. are not for sale

What do you guys think?
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Buying some fur tonight

My friend and I are going to be buying the fur to the fursuits we are making tonight, and I wanted some advice about patterned fur :x

My friend's suit is supposed to be an ocelot, and she was going to buy this fur for her suit

I think the fur looks good, but a lot of people seem to not like using patterned fur for fursuits, I'm assuming because the patterns don't always flow together like they should (like spots cut in half or something).

If we're careful with how the fur is cut, do you guys think it will still come out alright?
I know a lot of people use airbrush for their patterns, but neither of us own one, or know how to use one. And we thought it'd be silly to get one for use on only one suit...
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Looking for open head commissions, $300-

I have $200(getting a bit more soon), and I'm so dying to get a fursuit head of my fursona. :(
I'd love to have a nice moving jaw, toony look and maaaybe LED eyes(depending on price). I've never had this much money before, and I want to be able to spend it on something worth it.

Sooo, link to her full ref::

Any links to fursuit building sites, example pictures, exact quotes, etc would be nice. :)

Thanks. <3
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Commission Opportunity

Hey guys!

So I run a small business called Something Wild Toys. I attach animal tails to naughty tails for animal players. Up until this point, I've been offering only real fur tails due to a variety of reasons, mostly weight and the fact that I can't make them myself. But I've had a LOT of people asking for synthetic fur tails. So here's what I'm looking for...

I'm looking for someone to form a partnership with. Basically I take the money from the customer, pay you for the tail, you ship it to me, and I attach it and ship it to the customer. You would be paid for the tail and shipping to me out of the customer's money.

Now here's the thing. These can't be normal tails attached to belt looks. I need a small, once in protrusion in the back to put inside the plug. I know nothing about sewing, but I'm sure this is possible with the right pattern.

So would anyone be interested? I have someone interested in a white rabbit tail so I'd like to be able to get a quote for them as soon as possible.

Thanks and take care!
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Sizing in fursuits?

I don't know a lot about "average" fursuit sizes. I know what size I am normally, and I know what size my boyfriend is normally. However, I've been noticing on a lot of fursuit auction sites that the average size of suits are (what I considered to be) really large! Most feet are size 12 in Men's! And body suits seem to be designed for people between 5',7" and 6'. Why are most feet so big? Or is it different because of the foam? I know that regularly, my size in men's is roughly a 5.

Is it just because that most commonly fursuitters are somewhat tall men? I'm a size 5', 3" female. Is that just the reason why I can't find anything that would fit me on fursuit auction sites? 
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How often should you "wash" your suit?

I searched the memories, and I couldn't find a definitive answer for this. I 'll be frank and say I sweat like a pig while in suit, and I was wondering would it harm the suit to wash it after every use? or is that to harsh on it. I know about en-bac and Antimicrobial Febreese. And I know to wash it in woolight, and yada yada yada. I just want to know if it would be ok to wash it after every use? I'm not an avid suiter either, perhaps once, MAYBE twice a month. Any insight or info is greatly appreciated (:
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