May 10th, 2011

jen foxworth

Alley Raccoon *head*

PHEW my second head is done.

this is my first suit comm and will be my last for a while, most likely a year or so while I build up my skill some more, and work on some of my own ideas.

While it's not amazing, it doesn't look bad either. Which is a good thing I think. I don't know if I'll ever use that hair again though, it's so thin, and it didn't have a base on it, it was tied together with rubber bands when it came in. There's purple hair all over my living room now.

Mango fur

I am in need of mango shaggy fur like this:
only they are out of stock, are they any equivilants, or similar colour furs around that isnt from distinctive fabrics (as they dont ship to the UK)
If anyone has a yard to spare il be more than happy to buy, but il need fast shipping ^^;;

thank you x

UPDATE: does anyone know if this is good quality fur? i think ths will be ideal

UPDATE 2: that last link was good, but shipping is STUPIDLY HIGH, will cost me $225 for delivery alone.

tryin to catch me sculpting furry

Oh hi there! So I've been saving up money to buy a proper bust thingie and playing with no-dry oil clay; practicing pulling casts out of plaster and sculpting and I got a crazy idea...could I sculpt on a cup? Just for fun? Turns out I can. Now this is in no way castable or anything lols it's just fun! This took me about 2 hours to sculpt and 2 days walking away from it and giving it a fresh look. I'm gonna start slush casting this month and if anyone has ever wanted to try resin cast but don't know where to start I'm buying this

( should I buy the pourable or brushable?)

It's weird that I can see flaws looking at the pictures that I didn't notice looking at it. In any event this is supposed to be a toony feline-ish large cat-ish bust. 

Crits more than welcome (besides the fact that it's clearly sculpted on a cup full of kool aid) I did this specifically for feedback before I get all attached to something big enough to actually cast. I think the whole right side is wonky >.<
  • riffti

Head help

Okay... I just realized that was a bad topic title. Oops. XD

Okay, so here's my issue.

I'm going to be building a personal suit for my fursona (a jackal). Now, I made a suit early last year for an anime convention I was attending and... well... it didn't exactly turn out as /good/ as I had hoped. It was my very first suit, and I learned A LOT during the time I built it. It was made in about three months, and I sort of took liberties when building it because of the time constraints.

Here's a picture of the suit. Please refrain from pointing out what's wrong with it, I already know. I was working on it until the day we left. I am going to be putting a LOT more time, effort and care into my personal suit.

My main issue is with the style I built my head with. I went with the balaclava style of head building and... well... HATED IT. It was a PAIN to take on and off, squeezed my whole head; making me very uncomfortable while wearing it, and was all around annoying.

That being said, what do you think is a better alternative to head making? Plastic mesh base? Helmet? Baseball cap? I've seen heads built on many different bases, and was just wondering what might be best for me.

Plus, if you could link any handy tutorials or tips on your head building style of choice, I'd very much appreciate it. I'm going for a semi cartoony-ish style for the suit, I think. 


For that suit up there, I used the balaclava style and hated it with a passion. Think you have a technique that's better and won't hurt my face?