May 11th, 2011

Quadsuit head WIP

So, I figured since I couldn't find ANYWHERE online how to build a quadsuit head from foam, only regular fursuit heads, I'd put up my experience on here, step by step. Several blistered and painful burns later, this is the beginning result of my head. :) 

My suit will eventually turn out like my Character, Am'iira. My friend drew these gifts for me, (Whether I edited them or not was by her permission!) which I used as a partial reference. Collapse )
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Questions regarding heat

I had a few questions about heat and fursuits. By heat, I mean the temperature outdoors.

On average, what dos the temperature have to be inside a (low temp) hot glue gun to melt the glue sticks?

Will fursuiting outside on a very sunny, hot day melt the fur, or melt the glue which holds everything together, causing it to fall apart?

Can a cup of water be thrown on a fursuit to help cool the wearer off? Will it ruin the fursuit (not the head or feet, the body parts)?

Can one go about fursuiting all day without causing damage to the suit outdoors in heat?

They may seem like awfully silly questions, but I'm just wanting to take precations.

Puffy handpaws?

Hello again. :)
I looked in the memories and couldn't find anything on what I'm thinking of.

Everyone is familiar with BeetleCat, yes? Well I adore her handpaws.
Would anyone know how I would go about making some similar to them?
I love how the paw pads are puffed up and just how the whole paw looks when it's resting.

I have a little idea on how to do it, but I'm not sure if that'd turn out too great. :(

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(no subject)

I apologize off the bat - this has nothing to do with fursuits. However, it has to do with UPS Ground Shipping, and I didn't know where else to ask this question, and I am freaking the fuck out, let me tell you.

I ordered a laptop off Ebay, that was supposed to arrive today. My partner and I have been at home all day waiting on the delivery, and even put a sign on our door that said "Please knock loudly, UPS delivery, we may be out back."

I'd been sporadically checking the tracking, and just a few minutes ago I saw it had been changed to delivered. Time stamp was 4:01 p.m. (It is now 5:24) and it said it was left at the front door.

There is no package at our front door. Frankly, there is no way it SHOULD have been left at the front door - it's an expensive laptop! Like I said, we have been at home and waiting on this package, and we never heard any knocking (and our dogs didn't even bark the way they would if there was someone in our driveway) I double checked and the shipping address was correct.

So, I was hoping one of you guys might know whether or not they mark the item as shipped before it has actually been delivered to the house. Because if they left it at the wrong house...or even somehow left it at ours without ever knocking...I do not live in a nice neighborhood. People would steal a package off a porch without a second thought. So I'm really praying that the delivery guy marked it delivered for some reason, even though he hasn't been here yet.

Again, I apologize for how off-topic this is, but I'm freaking out.

I just walked outside to search the bushes, anywhere the package might be - when I saw a man walking towards me. With a package in his hands.

He lived TWO STREETS OVER. Omg, UPS. I take back every bad thing I've ever said about my neighborhood. (He also said he was expecting a package, so if we get it, we know where he lives, haha.)

foot paws

I have just finished my First pair of foot paws and was wondering what u guys thaught..........

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sorry for the bad lighting.......    its 11:00 pm here and i had to take the pics in my kitchen lol......
fuckin rawr

My Story

 Ok, so I'm pretty much ready to blow a blood vessel over my latest experience with

I've made several orders from them before, and until now, I have never had a problem. I haven't even had a problem with getting crinkled or unusable fur, though it is a little irksome how they send boxes 5x too big for the item inside.

But, that was then, and this is now.

I ordered $140 of fur and fleece on April 11. Everything was fine, except for the plush faux fur light brown I ordered. Plush Faux Fur is a smooth, slick and gorgeous seal, and I received something very different. I got a yard of Textured Faux Fur Rich Brown. I considered it just another mixup--at one point in the past they sent me a mongolian fur by mistake and promptly replaced it. I didn't give it too much thought, and  I reported the mistake, and they let me keep the textured fur. 

I get the replacement fur in the mail. It was not the plush fur I ordered. It was more textured faux fur rich brown.
I call and complain, and customer service is perfect and nice and very professional, but this is where I start getting REAL MAD. They ship out my "replacement" fur again, and recall the two yards of brown they already sent me. Alright, good,  I don't need  two yards of this stuff cluttering my workshop. 

HOWEVER, the way they recall the fur? SURPISE PICKUP! They let me know that they would send UPS to pick it up sometime... not sure when... ended up when I was in my Pjs snoozing, so I had the highly embarrassed experience of having to speed pack two yards of fur in front of the UPS dude, in my sleepytiem clothes and with droolface on. I'm sure they've seen worse but come on, that's not cool.

SO, a few days later... I get my replacement replacement replacement fur. Guess what it is? Yep!~ It's the same textured fur. AGAIN.

It's now May 12. I call again and explain how mad I am, and they promise that they'll have the warehouse manager triple check the fur before it gets sent out this time. I really, really hope that it arrives correctly this time. 

Also--every time, the sticker for the item is correct. The item itself is not correct. At first I checked the website and thought I might have ordered the wrong item, but no, the photo of the swatch is clearly a different color and texture, and my experience fits in with how others have had the weird fur shipped to them.

The saving grace of is that their customer service is prompt and impeccable. Yes, they're closed on weekends, but every time I have gotten to them they seem to earnestly try to fix my problem. They haven't made me pay any return shipping, and let me keep fur under the amount of two yards. They're patient and nice. They send out the replacements pretty quickly.

But somewhere, someone, in the bowels of their warehouse, is mucking up big time. 

And this makes me mad >:( 

I just wanted to let everyone know the extent to which they are having warehouse issues right now. I wouldn't suggest ordering from them until they manage to clear this up, at least if you need the fabric in a timely manner.