May 20th, 2011

Introducing Kaio Otter!

I just wanted to share my most recent completed suit to this LJ community. This was a commission for Kaio Otter, and is on the way to NJ so he can wear it to FA: United. He will have it tomorrow.

Before you decide to give me any critique, be aware that this is my first otter ever. I am aware he is not perfectly symmetrical and probably doesn't look 100% otter, but then again I was making it with a toony style, and was not obligated to give it webbed hands, feet, etc.

No special features for this one, just a basic cute toony partial. As simple as he may look, I had a really hard time with this! Most of my problems were with the head and tail.

I personally think he turned out awesome, even though I thought the head sucked during the process. But with everything completed, I truly love it.

I do accept critique, but please go easy on me. Give me the positives before you bash any mistakes I've made. Thanks a bunch. :]

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Bear fur?

Hello All,

As I'm sure some of you have seen my previous post, I'll be making a bear quad suit. And thus far I have ordered ALL my fur from Distinctive Fabrics...I went to see if they still had their darker brown fur, and was surprised to see it gone. But I was also surprised at all the new furs they had.

I looked at CF furs, but I'm not intirely sure as I've never had any experiance with them. Though I know plenty of you guys use CF. Do you have a recomendation on their furs for my quad suit? What colors? I prefur at least 1" pile as it allows me lenth to hide seams quite well. Plus, bears don't exactly have super short seal-fur. XD

Recomendations? Links? Personal experiances with said company? Please do comment, don't be shy. ^^ By the way, I'll concider other fur providers, too! Links appreciated!
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