May 22nd, 2011


so i'm a derp...

 totally didn't think about the fact that my wolf jawset probably wouldn't fit in a fox resin mask X3 which taxidermy jawsets are the ones that close all the way again? is it the hinged ones? i seem to recall that, but i'm not totally positive... also, does anyone have one laying around or have the dimensions of one handy? it's looking like i'll need one about 2in in diameter between the canines, and i don't want to get the wrong size >.> i can tool this mask a bit, but it's pretty limited 

tl;dr- coyote hinged jawset for a fox resin mask? anyone know how wide they are?
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Face sculpt feedback, please

 Hey there guys, I'm making a skull face hell hound/demon costume for Halloween. I posted the concept art a while ago, and I'm finally getting to work on sculpting.

I was just wondering if I could get some feedback on what I have so far, before I get too far in only to realize it should be different. It's based on a wolf skull.

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So what do you think? Redlines are great, although I appreciate any and all feedback. =)

Quick Question

While it may be easier to E6000 on fleece, how do you do it with 2 inch pile fur? O.o Should I trim or cut the fur down a bit to glue the paw pads to the hand paws? I know this sounds dumb, but I want to be careful in doing this. x3

Hugs and Paws,
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Unless I happen to browse over it, I didn't see anything in the memories that properly answered my question. XD So!

Basically I want to make a really long, sort of thick tail. Kind of like a red panda's or a lemurs (only thicker, so the red panda is closer to what I'd like) I don't think I really need it to hold any shape, so the "long tail" entry where it had a pool-noodle core isn't what I'm looking for I don't think. Plus I don't think that would turn out quite thick enough unless I reinforced it with more padding of some sort.. So that just seems not quite right.

Do I just need to make a long tube sort of shape (a long tube, rounded at the end - just cut two and sew 'em together?) or is there something more advanced I need to do? I want it to sort of just drag behind me, or I could alternatively pick it up and carry it.

After we figure out the shape - just lots of polyfill to stuff it? And would I need some sort of more advanced "harness" rather than just a belt because it would possibly be a wee bit on the heavier side since it's so big?

Thanks so much for reading!

Fursuit Luxray

 Okay so I posted about my Luxray fursuit a while ago for some advice and I wanted to wait until
a local anime con to debut her, ACEN! (Anime Central, Rosemont, IL)

So here she is!

The bows were added to give a female look and she has a moving jaw.
I'm a little chubby so please no comments on how big she looks..
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