May 23rd, 2011

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WIP Dalmation head

Hi there! So I've been a little short on cash lately so I thought I'd give my best effort at making a head to sell. (Don't worry, if it looks bad I'll mark it off as a 'lesson learned') and thought I'd post some wip/concept pictures of it and look for some advice

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Making eyebrows for my next suit I'm working on right now.

So, do you attach them to the head? Do you sew/glue them on TOP of the fur or into the fur itself, like how a spot or pawpad is sewn.

Thanks! :D
  • shivra

Some crits-

Back working on her again, I need some help with her look. She does doesnt look fem to me, and I would love some redlines. The nose is temp, it's just a piece of black felt. I also need help or someone to explain how to weft wig hair on her.


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I also would love a tutorial on how to make claw molds for plastic ones, where to get material ?

Pink insulation foam?

Heyyy guys.

So I know that pink insulation foam is great stuff for cosplay and costuming. My main question is, can you have that stuff next to your face? If you were to sandwich the sheets together to make a block and then carve your head 3-d style, is it a material you guys would recommend like, on your head?

Not sure what the heat and breathing moisture and enclosed space of a head made of this would mean to a respiratory tract.

EDIT: Wait, is this stuff made out of fiberglass? As in hideous rash upon contact?
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  • nevask

Black eyes?

 I mean like instead of your usual white plastic eyes, black. Im working on a suit that requires completely black eyes, im struggling as to what to use other than colored buckram. I'd rather have something that looks a bit nicer than buckram alone, possibly something that dosent fog up.