May 24th, 2011

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which fox is fox?

A few years ago a lovely unique fox fursuit was auctioned off.
I THOUGHT it was "autumn fox": orange and pumpkin colored fur
with light-green highlights/accents and sparkles in the fur.
Lovely pumpkin colored pawpads too.

Google can't find it.
What's the fursuit name, maker, owner/performer, etc?
Links would be appreciated.

Funfoam, silicone and pawpads

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how well fun foam holds up (the semi thick kind, not the thinnest) if it has a layer of fabric over it or is coated in something like silicone or latex. I'm thinking of making a suit that would need something to make plates out of on the feet/legs, arms, chest and various other parts, and I wanted to know if they would work for most of the places or if I should find another way of holding the shape.

On the side of  the silicone, where would the best place to get clear casting (or clearish in thin layers) silicone for a good price? I would probably want to get at least two of the small containers or one of the medium since I want to make two sets of feet and gloves as well as the head and body suit and probably a few other things.

I'd also like to know what people think about paw pads on rabbits. I'm wanting to go for a more realistic look and since they don't have them it's hard to decide on leaving them off or putting them on for things like a better grip on objects over fur (for hands, not the feet). Any thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

Beetle Autumn

Wefting Loose Hair (video)

I honestly don't know if this has been covered in video form previously, but I remember there used to be a lot of questions about how to weft loose hair and I was working on a project using it so decided to make a quick video of the process. Or at least of how I personally do it.

I've tried sewing them. And I've tried sandwiching them between material, but the simplest (of mucking them up with hot glue) really does seem to be the best.

swamp boy

Fabric Mart?

Hey all! Just a quick dumb question: have any of you ordered fur from before?
I'm looking to buy some short pile black fur and since they have it for relatively cheap I figured I'd look into it, but I can't really tell if it's any good for a suit (I can't find any mention of Fabric Mart in the memories at all).
Here's the fur I was looking at:
Thanks in advance! :D

Edited b/c i forgot to ask: If not from Fabric Mart, I'm probably gonna buy from Denver Fabrics:
Unless anyone knows a better place to get short black fur? Thanks guys!
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My first "fursuit head"

SO, This is more then a little late, since I finished this back in Feb. But thought I'd share it none the less :3

And here's a little Info about it:

Hair is wool and synth yarn hand sewn on, and some real hair braided into that.
Horns were TERRIBLEY painted 'demon' horns I got at halloween and worked over. LOVE THEM! Cheap, and SUPER light.
Jaw was static, but open for airflow, and straw drinking
Vision is from small eyeholes that were covered with a thinly stretched black fabric. Pretty good. Saw in kind of dark light rooms easily. :)
All the markings on the face (which is covered just with polar fleece, pulled over a foam face base I carved) are done in sharpie, actually. X3 I love my Sharpies. They do me so right.

It was a HUGE success at the event I made it for. But had some SERIOUS issues I wanted to address for the next event.

Better Vision
Moving Jaw
Take out a BUNCH of the lower back length hair (weight and HEAT issues)
Better/Darker markings (which I did since this picture was taken)
More depth to the horns
Adding some Throat skin lol

I'll be sure to post the updated version of her, when I'm done.
ALSO, if you want to see a full body pic of the entire costume (everything but the feet were made by me) You can go here:
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Need some noses! Maybe some pads too

Looking for someone that makes noses. Need one black and one "dabbled' pink with some black.

I looked into: for noses but I've never seen one of theirs on a head.

Let me know how much for the two + shipping to 85338 and if you have examples of them on fursuit heads! Thanks!

Going to need them relatively soon!

Material for Tear Ducts/Eyelids

What do you guys use for realistic tear ducts and eyelids? I'm going by the store tomorrow to get something for the eyelids and tearducts.

I have this fabric black mesh, but it isn't too stable and does not look well when placed on the eyes. Buckram seems to be the most favorable, but I'm not sure if my sewing store has it in stock. :/

As for the tear ducts, I have this black mesh screen and it seems to work fine, but I'm not sure if it'll work well with the material of the eyelids.

Any suggestions would be wonderful since these two weeks is my crunch time on getting my costume done.

Hugs and Paws,