May 25th, 2011

Second Partial almost done!

 Hey guys, just wanted to post a picture of my second partial. I made one before of a dog and put that up for sale. After that I decided I wanted a costume for myself, and I wanted to make a species I hadn't really seen done all that often. So I decided to make a rabbit! :) The costume isn't done yet, I still have to shave the muzzle and lower jaw down a bit and add the neck fur and hair tuft. But other than that, the partial is almost done! She will be a full suit eventually, but for now I'm just happy to have a partial. :3 Sorry for the non-professional quality lol I am without a regular camera right now. Enter Photo Booth :P

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2nd fursuit head. [Added better pictures]

 Here is my 2nd ever made fursuit head. Built on a balaclava, this mask features follow me eyes and secret ventilation out of the ears. Excellent Vision and breathablilty. The fur is both sewn and glued. Nose and teeth are sculpty.  I really don't like his eyes very much, but they were the best out of all the trial and error ones I had made.  The pattern was a little more complicated than my first head, and I attemped to drybrush a bit.

I'm open for advice for my next head. Thanks! ^.^    

Edit: I went out and took some nicer photos today. Hopefully that makes him look a little better lol
Busy dog!

Eye materials

I'm really sorry if this is posted twice! I tried to post earlier from my phone, but it didn't show up in the community or confirm being posted at all, so I'm thinking it just disappeared into cyberspace.

I'm looking for a good alternative to buckram for making following eyes. Something preferably a little more plastic or potentially screen material if that works, but that can still be easily colored. Really, just anything that won't practically melt when hit with a LOT of sweat is what I'm after, but I really have no idea what would work =/ I'm hoping that someone here can at least point me in the right direction, since I'm completely at a loss right now.

Better pictures have appeared!

Now that I've been back from ACEN for a few days and have had time to sort through things...I have some much much better pictures of the rabbit. :)

**I know rabbits are plantigrade but was going for a more "anthro" look (like the rabbit from Bloody Roar) because of my height and other issues. I looked ridiculously tall with plantigrade, I'm 7ft from the ears to the floor as it is. O.o;

Moving Jaw
2 hidden "man" pockets (aka very deep pockets) =P
digitigrade padding
4 ice pack pouches
zippers down both legs to remove padding if needed
follow-me eyes
intense airbrushing and dry brushing =P

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