May 26th, 2011

bad wolf

copying taxidermy parts

This is a Van Dyke's wolf nose.

This is the copyright on a Van Dyke's wolf nose. Taxidermy parts are sculpted, and you can bet a lot of time went into this nose. They are intended to bought one for each taxidermy mount, thus paying the sculptor each time for the use of their work.

Re-casting of taxidermy parts to sell for use in fursuits is stealing. It's illegal, it's unethical. Buying a print from an artist does not allow you to then photocopy it and sell the copies, and the case it the same here.

If you make a clay sculpt of a wolf and embed a taxidermy nose into it, each resin copy you sell is theft.

So, please do not do this. I do not want to name names in this post, but I thought this post would be necessary after seeing even a very established maker do this.

I am going to talk to the people who are doing it privately, and if that doesn't resolve the issue then I will make an artist_beware post, and post again here saying I will give names to people who want them.

I want to be 100% sure of things before I name names. Right now this is just a "don't do it" kind of post.

EDIT EDIT - Dear god this has gotten out of hand. I was surprised to see an established maker doing this, thought if people saw that they would think it's ok and more people would make copies, so I felt the need to make a public post. I did NOT want to implicate specific people, and I am annoyed that some people in the post have done that anyways. I contacted the people I thought were doing this privately because I was not 100% sure.

I deleted the comments because of the drama they were creating, sorry mods if that wasn't ok.

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Poly-Fil HALP!

So... Poly-fil! I really love the Silky Soft poly-fil they sell at JoAnn's... but only problem is, it's $9 for a 24 oz bag. I've been scouring the internet for a cheaper source to buy from, but I haven't found ONE single store selling this stuff... is it a JoAnn's exclusive or something?

Is there a kind of poly-fil that feels exactly like it that I can get cheaper? I'm stuffing a giant plush, it's half stuffed right now, so any changes in polyfil texture probably will be noticable, especially since the fabric is minky (and thus shows stuffing lumps way more than fur does). I just really want to finish this plushie, and if I don't have to pay $27 in polyfil, all the better. x_x

EDIT: I am looking for the specific kind of Poly-fil called "Silky Soft", or barring that, something that feels exactly like it. Just want to make sure it's clear what I'm after :)

Jawset Sizes

 Really, is their no size chart anywhere? I looked at all sorts of sites that sold jawsets, but none of them have measurements for the dimensions. I'm trying to find something thats about 2' long, 2' tall, and an 1' wide at the front, 2' wide at the back (slightly smaller is fine). What species would you recommend? I'm thinking either badger or raccoon, but I'm not sure...
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