May 27th, 2011


A better way to do digitigrade padding?

Not a HOW TO AM DIGITIGRADE question- but more of a 'better stuffing' question.

I've been sculpting digitigrade 'blocks'/pads, whatever, from foam(Which gets INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE)- I've tried sewing fleece shaped pillows and stuffing them(But those get ridiculously hot).. does anyone have a better mousetrap for this situation? Any suggestions? I'm just trying to cut costs and decrease heat, which I doubt I'll get both but more options = betterer.

Thanks in advance.

another rubber question

Its about tear resistance,

i have been looking for a cheaper alternative to dragon skin as i am still experimenting with pawpad casts,

I have found this:
which has a shore of 13 so i presume it will be nice and squishy. However i just dont understand the measurements of the tear resistance info,
was hoping if anyone has a clue on what this means? Ive been trying to research it but am struggling to find the answers.
Or even better if anyone has used this material before.

Im worried about the tear resistance because i had some silicone NV which i didnt know much about as it was in another language and although it made a good mould, it wasnt good for pawpad casts as it just teared like paper.

I feel rather dense not understanding the information given ^^;;
H.M. the GearWyrm

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 OK, going to be making another big batch of wyrmlings for Anthrocon, and while I have managed to snag a bunch of very spiffy fur, I'm looking for more. So!

Looking for mostly long pile, though really soft shorter pile works as well. Looking for DF quality or the equivalent. Colors I'm most interested in are~

Funky patterns/spots/stripes

Would love to see pics, and shipping would be to zip code 06451. I can pay via paypal. Don't need huge scraps or pieces, square foot-ish or larger is great, super itty bitty pieces, not so much. Basically, enough to fur these critters ~

So...anyone have tasty scrap goodness they are willing to part with? ^u^
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