May 28th, 2011

Blake Superior

Silicone Putty!!!

I was at the Maker Faire last weekend and found something that many people will find useful!

SUGRU makes and sells little packets of silicon putty that dries into a flexible, relatively soft material! This stuff is absolutely *perfect* for noses, paw-pads, eyelids, lips, tongues, etc. It's silicon, so it won't deteriorate and is pretty stong stuff (won't crack, chip or scrape easily).

--About the safest perfect material in effects costuming. No fumes or odors.
--Colors: comes in white and black (most useful for us); also green, orange and blue.
--it -is- silicon, so not much likes to stick to it. I haven't tried painting it, but likely paint will rub off over time.
--Price: it's not dirt-cheap, but again, for silicon this isn't bad at all. (6-5gm packets for about $10usd)
--Sugru has a shelf life of about 6 months, so don't over-buy.
--Working time is about 30 minutes (it's air-cured). Cure time=24hours to be safe.
--Self-adhesive, sticks to just about anything (before curing, checking on post-curing)

I've emailed them to find out about paints and glues, but if you make pads and noses and want to glue them onto something else, I would suggest trying some of the adhesives used for taxidermy tongues-- "Jaw Juice" or Shoe-Goo. Not sure if Barge would work, but I'll try it out. Always rough-up the surface before gluing (just sand it lightly).

Check it out!
  • tofa4

Horse noses

Hey everyone, while waiting for my supplies to come in for my next commission ive been working on making another balaclava head (horse) and im curious about one thing, the noses.  Those of you who have made a horse head before if you could help pont me in the right direction thatd be great! 

What im curious about most is what materials you use for the nose and how you actually install it on the head.

Thanks in advance guys, you all are such a big help! ^_^