May 29th, 2011

Glass eyes?

i was wondering how big are the eyes that are cast in paint pallets? like the measurements..and would a 25MM glass eye be to small for a fursuit head? im wanting to use floral/glass beads but the biggest i found was only 25MM

i just found one thats 1/12 40 MM is that to big or a good size..?

making it stick

I'm getting ready to make some patterns for my head fur stuff, and it's especially hard to find any advice on this anywhere. I can make pretty much anything stick to this cast plastic head, but for how long? So I guess my question is this:

Can I use the same general methods one would use for furring a foam head on my cast head?

Are there any extra steps to ensure security?

I was planning on drilling holes all around the back mask rim to maybe lace the plastic to the fur, is this unnecessary?


I finished my Huge *#%@ off red panda tail, mindless sewing helps me think :) The stripes are white instead of camel or brown because I would like to experiment with airbrushing sometime.
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Hey there, i have another post about the horse stuff you guys, i wanna get some critics to help me improve this horse base i have.  This is the first time ive ever done this type of an animal, so im a little shaky and want to get better.
Im going for realism in this base so tips crits and redlines are welcome and much appreciated! =)
Here are the three pics i have:
front view:
There are no ears yet because i want to fix everything up on the part that is already there first, but if you thing i should add them before you guys critique then i will, just let me know. =)
I dont know if this is important to the critique either but ill tell you anyways, Its has a moving jaw and resin eyes will be put in.
Thanks again!

Well isn't that dandy?

Monochrome Cat

 All done~ Lookin' for feedback for future construction. Will be putting this up for sale soon in the future. Thanks in advance~ (if the cut doesn't work, I'll fix it-)

- All foam
- Handsewn
- Fleece nose (machine detail)
- 4 different furs:
   - Long pile White, Black, Gray from
   - Short pile (meant to be darker) gray, unknown (bought it off someone).
- Moving Jaw
- Removable Tongue (velcro, the tongue has the rough part, the softer side in the mouth)

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Styrofoam for fursuit heads?

I've been searching for a light-weight material that is easily carvable to use for the head of my up coming quadsuit. I backtracked in quadsuits and saw that Beetlecat had used some kind of pink styrofoam to make the head for her Tobi the Targ suit..and was wondering, does anyone happen to know what kind of styrofoam that is? And where I can find it? I was concidering insulation styrofoam, but I wasn't so sure that would work...ideas please?
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Brother LS-1217 settings?

Sorry to post again so quickly, but, I recently tried to stitch hand paws with the brother ls-1217 but...when turned inside out, the tips of the fingers show just a row of visible and loose stitching.

Should I once over again? Or is there certain settings I should have my tension and dials at..?