May 30th, 2011


Eyebrow Woes

(If this belongs some place else please let me know!)
Ok so I am currently furring a fox head and I can't really move on until I figure out what I'm going to do about the eyebrows.
I've seen a lot of fursuit builders use foamie or felt eye brows instead of having them sewn in with the rest of the fur. Like this:
What I originally intended to do was to have them a part of the "skin" like this
Personally I would rather sew the eyebrows in with the rest of the fur, since the idea of eyebrows floating on top of the fur seems a little silly to me, but I'm not sure how other people feel about it.

I am making this fox with the intention to sell him, so I want to make him more appealing to a general audience.

So what I'm asking is, does it really matter, or do people generally have a preference for foamie/felt eyebrows?


voice recording

now i am working on the inner mechanics of Deathwing, and i wanted to know if anyone could suggest what exactly i need to buy for his voice affects. I dont want a voice changer if i dont have to get one, id rather like a little voice box+speakers that i could record Deathwing's in-game audio and just play it while in costume. any suggestions?

WIP progress vid can be found here for those who want to see him:

Five-finger feetpaws

 I have a bit of a thought exercise for you guys, re: something I may attempt for my possible Halloween costume.

Collapse )

Just some food for thought. I'd love to hear your guys' opinions on this. It seems like such a good idea, but I may just not be thinking it through enough.


Redlines :3

Oh hi! Here is the brass tax of the situation. I need redlines on the eyes and possibly a nose if anyone can help me out that would be super neat-o.

What you're looking at:
Fur is lightly held in place and not shaved at all. The holes in the resin are only for basic fitting and vision, I will make them wider when the eyes are finalized. The picture with the place holder eyes, the idea is to add eyelids on top of that for a feminine eye.

Crit me, idea me, redline me!
Glowy Evil Merm

How do you carve foam?

I've seen lots of people using different methods of foam carving, from scratching away chunks with scissors to clean cuts with an electric knife.
What's your favourite method?

I've been trying to carve out foam with a steak knife (not working, obviously)
Also, if you use an electric knife, what's your favourite brand?

I've also heard that cheese graters work like a charm. y/n?
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Full-Suit Digitigrade Patterns?

Hello there everyone, I've just ordered the fur for my first suit and I'm waiting very eagerly for it to arrive. At  first  I decided to do a half-suit, but I think I may have ordered enough to make a full-suit. So, I spent some time looking through the memories on Digitigrade legs, and I found some pretty helpful images, but I'm still really confused how the pattern works. I've sewn in the past so I do have some experience, but I'm not sure how to connect the body to the legs without a seem... I feel the example in the memories missed a few crucial steps.

If someone could supply some different photo's or a good quality pattern of how a full-suit with digitgrade legs work, I would love you to pieces!
Thank you!



Does anyone sell canine jaws?

Hand crafted ones? does anyone know someone who crafts jaws? i need a set for a wolf but i cant make one and i dont want to buy a taxadermy..but the person has to live in the US i found someone but i would lke to order from someone here

oh and it could just be the teeth to does not have to bet a set but must be top and bottom tounge is good to

mendel's "cubby bear"

Is it the same as CR's cubby? I need about a yard of red fox cubby and they're out, Mendel's is more expensive but I'm on a deadline.

Or does anyone have a yard of CR's red fox cubby they'd like to sell? Or any other source for it?


Dry brushing using less paint

Recently I was trying to figure out how to best turn the white fur I already owned into the color I needed for my new fursuit that I wanted to make and I discovered a method that ends up using ALOT less paint. The way I did it was to apply the thinned out acrylic paint directly to the cat brush that I was using to brush the paint through the fur. For obvious reasons this method would only be good for doing large portions of fur and not for fine details. To give you an idea of how much less paint this method used I only used roughly 3 cap-fulls for a 16 inch by 20 inch piece of fur and it turned out beautifully. :D
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