June 5th, 2011

Dark Grey Fur (HALP)

so I'mstuffedfur's charcoal wasnt the color I was looking for when I got the swatch. I need that color or anything in and of around that color thats not black. I have black for the stripes of this character, but I need the dark grey, not really black, for his main color. I searched this site and someone suggested "Badger" (http://www.craft-fabrics.co.uk/Qual_AC435.htm) to another who was looking for a very similar color. But bad part is they site doesnt ship outside UK, if anyone has that and is willing to send a swatch/part with some or is willing to be a middle man or if anyone has any dark grey suggestions outside dyeing that would be lovely. :3

this is the character so yous know what Im talking about.
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Attaching wings for a partial suit?

Hi all,
I have an umcoming commission with full artistic freedom *does the happy dance*, and the customer has also given me his blessing to experiment with any new techniques I may want to try out *does the super happy dance* so I immediately wanted to do wings, I am confident in my design for the structure for the wings themselves BUT I a a little unsure about the bset way to attach them to the suit because it's a partial, if it was a fullsuit there wouldnt be an issue.
Using backpack like shoulder straps I think is a good idea but they would be visible over the wearers shirt and I don't really want them to have to cut a hole in the back of their shirt to hide the wing harness.
I suppose pinning them to the shirt may work but the wings are a considerable size, probably end up having a 3-4 foot wingspan so it would pull on the shirt horribly.
Another idea I had was magnets, super strong ones, then the harness could be worn under the shirt and then the wings could attach from the outside without damaging the wearers shirt and they can still be removed. My concern with this method is the wings being pulled off by other people.

I dunno, any ideas guys??

that sergalhead person STRIKES AGAIN!

I'm making plans for take two of my sergal suit, in particular the head. In order to make the character's neck look appropriately long, I'd like to mount the head on top of a cap or something, and see out a portion of mesh in the neck. The character's neck would, then, come down toward my shoulders, and probably be supported by some kind of harness at the base so that it wouldn't jiggle around unnaturally.

The trouble, then, is getting the head to move properly with mine.

Since the neck would, in essence, be tethered in place, I'm worried that my own neck movement would be restricted. I need to have some kind of framework inside that's stable enough to keep the head supported, but pliable enough to keep neck cramps at bay. I'm more concerned about side-to-side movement than I am about my ability to look up and down, but either way it'd be nice.

Any tips for a relatively cheap way of doing this?
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Resin casting claws I'm a total newb

Alright, so I looked around here a bit & couldn't really find exactly what I needed >.<
I bought some Castin' Crafts Clear Casting Resin a while ago, as well as the catalyst & Mold release. I have my latex molds made for some teeth, as well as some claws (Brushed-on latex over a polymer clay original) and I've got the molds sprayed with the release & everything.
And that's about as much as I know how to do ^^;

So my questions are:

1. How much catalyst should I use in the resin? (The teeth are about 3/4" tall)

2. Do I need to buy some dye to make them white? I heard you can mix paint into the resin instead of buying the dyes.

3. How do I make quick copies of the molds so I can make more sets at once?

4. What's the best way to attach them? I got some resin cast claws from WhiteWolf's site & couldn't hot glue them to ANYTHING, it'd just peel off as soon as it cooled.

Thanks so much guys! :D

Foaming Question

Hey all. This is my first time posting, and my first time ever trying to make a mask and I could really use some help.

I started using Grrrowly's and Matrices' tutorials for plastic mesh heads and got really stuck on creating foam bits to paste on. The character is going to be a generic red fox. The three pictures below are my progress so far. My questions are: do I need more foam to fill out other areas? is this enough? and where do I go from here? I have the ears cut out, I just haven't pasted them on yet.

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Any help you can give this noob would be greatly appreciated. Also, some of the current foaming job was blatantly copied (badly) from a video tutorial on foaming on Youtube.

Edit: Replaced old pictures with new updated ones. This is the mask with the old muzzle sewn and glued back in place and the cheek sections carved about 1-1.5cm thinner.

Hey fursuiters! Flexible LED strips

I've seen a few cool LED and EL wire projects on this group so when I saw these products the other day, I had to share:


Has anyone ever considered putting color-changing LEDs around their costume's eyes, ears, claw, or wherever? It wouldn't be too complicated to do, but the control could be a bit tricky.

What about having a friend control mood lighting with a nearby remote control or even an Android app? They make Android shields for Arduino now. http://arduino.cc/blog/category/languages/android/