June 9th, 2011

beastcub beast fursuit


This is the suit that brought up my "how to avoid being undercharged" question...I charged $1600, which is a lot more than the average fullsuit from me and I thought it would be plenty to cover my time, but in the end he proved to be more time consuming than a quadsuit which I charge over $2000 for <_<;
So with that in mind, no critique please, he was A LOT of work and put me behind schedule and there are some finicky things I tried and failed to make perfect (short fur + non skintight necks = UGH) and I just cannot take any critique right now X_X doing this and the golden bear quad back to back has me burnt out....

His scales are made of quilt fabric, individually cut and sewn, then stuffed, then had lines quilted into them, were glued on (for placement and added strength) and then hand sewn on, and then airbrushed...and then I learned the hard way (after rolling around on the floor sewing in the belt loops) that airbrushed fabric likes to pick up fuzz like crazy and had to attack the suit with a lint roller before filiming....
In short...the scales took me FOREVER in every way possible! XD
The tail is my first attached tail, has internal belt loops for support. I knew the markings would have issues staying lined up on, well, everything that is not attached, and I wanted to save at least the tail from having this issue. There is a zipper in the underside of the tail to remove the stuffing.
And those markings, wow I underestimated those markings, his legs alone took me longer than a solid colored non digigrade bodysuit! >_O

With the head I went more for his character look vs a realistic look .
Overall I took on a "not gonna hide the fact it is a costume" attitude since the seams of the scales and claws would be visable.
Artslave made the hands and claws I mades the feet and tweaked the hands a little to make the claws more stable/attached on a round P:
Here are the hands as she made them http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5820979 (ps Took the paint off the claws since the paint scuffed while I was tweaking them and the customer was not 100% fond of the paint anyway)
The red stripes are airbrushed on for a reason, he wanted them faded at the edges and subtle, he did not want the crisp look of sewn red...so in the end I at least lucked out on not having to sew those too!!! lol

I love challenges, and this suit (despite my complaining) was fun to make...but my last few suits were ALL challenges and many left on my list are also challenges...believe it or not, I miss simple suits now .___.
Next is a dragon with plated scales down the tummy, webbed spines down the back, tons of horns, and huge articulated wings *sobs

Here is my first and maybe last dinosaur *headdesk

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Reference pics

I'm making a sheep fursuit, and the shape and expression of the head and face are kind of stumping me. So I've decided I'd like to commission someone to draw some reference pictures so I have something concrete to aim at. Can anyone recommend a good artist or two? I've looked around on FA, Furbid, and Furbuy, but FA is a big place — you can't easily browse for style or quality, just artist or creature (or fetish) — and I didn't like what was available for auction at the times I looked. So if you know of anyone you think would be able to make a good set of reference pictures for a sheep fursuit's head (especially for a reasonable price!), can you point me their way?

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Painting Plastic Mesh Eyes?

Does anyone know a good method of painting/coloring plastic mesh for eyes? After hearing rumors of buckram potentially warping and weakening over time, I decided to look into something more sturdy/stable for our eyes. And since we'd like to start experimenting more with 3D eyes, I thought it would be an even better idea since the see-through area would be much larger (and thus, more prone to possibly being damaged later on).

I recently bought some plastic mesh that works just as well as buckram as far as visibility is concerned, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what to color it with. I tried markers, but the end result could only be described as "pixelated" and the marker would start to come off if rubbed. I tried acrylics, but the paint clogged the pores of the mesh and seemed to peel off pretty easily once it dried.

I've considered trying to spray something on the mesh to make the surface area more workable, but I haven't tried that yet and worry about how well that would work in the long term.

Any tips or advice from those of you who use plastic mesh for your eyes would be greatly appreciated! :D