June 10th, 2011

  • sepiaa


So after hours of impatience on my part, my fur finally came! And very unexpectedly I might add. Anyway, I ordered some Vinyl for sep's beak, and I got a ton of it! wayyy more than I need. Unfortunately the vinyl didn't work out, it's much too ridged. So I ran out to the store and picked up some black felt and a T-shirt. I put the layer of felt on her beak first and stretched the shirt around it.

I do plan on dry brushing a shadow on her beak (where that lump is) The inside of her beak is lined with black felt and looks really nice. 

Sorry, I don't know how to link to another post to show more pictures. 

I'll sell the vinyl to anyone who wants it for $18.00 including shipping. 
I got a yard or two, and I only cut up a bit of it. Here's what it looks like.