June 11th, 2011


Test tail

I made a tail to test out the colors fenrirs_child suggested for this character out of the fur I have. If anyone is interested, I managed to get some pictures of it here.

There are a few things wrong with it and it's a bit shaggy, but I'll fix them when I figure out how and get some better trimming scissors, namely the angle it hangs at (I'd like to have it point slightly up instead of out). I'd like to know what you think about it ^_^

Balacalva Question

I was wondering on balacalva besed heads..how do you wash the balacalva? you cant can you..how do you prevent from getting sick if all the germs collect on it and you cant ever wash it? If you glue the foam on it because a base and then if you wear it you will sweat..how does one keep a balacalva based head clean?

fox head

hi everyone i'm in the middle of making another fox head and since everyone was so helpful last time i thought I'd come and ask for some suggestions to help make this on as good/better then the last on here's my link.


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Shipping to Japan?

I recently sold a pre-made suit and the buyer lives in Japan.

I've read up on the memories here and there was some great info on Canada and European countries, but nothing on Asia? (unless I missed it).

Is there anything I need to know before shipping this? I've gone onto the USPS website and calculated shipping costs.... also, I read this: http://pe.usps.com/text/imm/il_010.htm

"A sales invoice is required for all articles valued at more than U.S. $1,600.00. The invoice must be affixed to the outside of the parcel or may be enclosed with the customs declaration in the plastic envelope of PS Form 2976-E. The sales invoice must not obscure the customs declaration, which must show through the plastic envelope."

The value total is only 701 USD, but should I still include a sales invoice?

Has anyone shipped to Japan before? Is there anything I should be weary about? Any major restrictions, etc.? Any category I simply must check off? I'd like to learn as much as possible before shipping.

Thanks a bunch everyone! :)

Need Help Finding Reference

Does anyone know where to find a reference picture of a kangaroo rat's feet? I need to know how to model my feetpaws, and while I can see the general shape from the majority of pictures, I have no idea what kind of pawpads to have in the back! Are they more kangaroo like? Or more rat like? The kangaroo rat isn't a kangaroo or a rat though! So what do I do? :/ Help, please.

More Questions - Dedede Suit

I was given a list of materials to buy for the head, suit, and feet(I'm focusing on the head for the moment before I get the supplies for everything else) and I want to thank all of you for that. I do have some questions though about the body suit.

I was told that you can use a shirt and pajama pants for the undersuit sewn in(cause I think I'm too big to fit in a divesuit and they're pretty expensive). I'm wondering if you need a long sleeve shirt or a short sleeve one. And if the shirt and pants are supposed to be sewn in, do I cut the backside and make a zipper from that or something?

Also, I was told that you can use Foam to make the belly round and such. How does one do that? And is it possible that one's roundness can go below the legs something like this, except more plump since Dedede is round all over? Is it possible to make a body suit as round as that using foam?

Thanks for your help :)

Finishing touches

Ok 2 things:

1: Is it possible to par-bake sculpy (to some firmness) sculpt something on top of it  and throw it back in for a finishing bake?

2. I remember reading somewhere about something called teddy "something" it takes stuff off fur ( a la marker smudge that can't be trimmed off) and how can something be called a "permanent professional art marker" but smudge? I'm going to write my congressman about this injustice.

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Wow you guys, I would have never thought that the furring would have gone this well. She looks really good in person! However, I'm pretty disappointed in my colour choice at the moment... that brown is much too dark now that I see it with the other colours... And the camel looks white next to the black. I think I may attempt airbrushing some golden colours into her cheeks :D if I can find on of course.

It fits beautifully, and the shape is great! I have yet to fur her bottom jaw and neck... Also, that is her one broken eye.. I tore them out the other day. She will be getting a feather crest later :) I could have never done something this well without your help you guys!

Anyone know any good dry brushing techniques?