June 14th, 2011

Update on Billie :3

Okies! Here's an update after a whole day of work! :3

I Got the whole head furred and got a red collar (not pictured) One question though, What could I use to make three small dots on each cheek? Thats the only detail I have left... does fabric paint work? or hopefully a sharpie?



I have the right handpaw together! :D and guess what? IT SQUEAKS!!!

Show me your...

...rodent feet!

I am in desperate guidance on how to construct the feet for my kangaroo rat. I stared at my canvas shoe for 3 hours before I gave up. There are so many guidelines available online for hooves, canine feet, etc...But I'm looking to make elongated semi-digi looking feet.

I'm afraid that if I make them too long in the front, I won't be able to walk. So, how do I create the illusion of these long back legs? I tried to add a long heel on the back, but it didn't look right so I took it off.

EDIT: Also, because kangaroo rats have tiny splayed toes, I can't put my foot inside the toe area for a more digi look.

I appreciate your help!

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Black punk panther partial (and other non-alliterative items)

I just recently started trying to make more fursuity type things, especially since I and a bunch of my friends are going to be attending AC. So, here are some of them.

First, Kismet the black punk panther:


He's the first partial I've ever put together, and I'm moderately proud of him, even though he's got his flaws; his head is also the second head I've finished. This is the one I'll be wearing out and about. :3

Next, a husky semi-partial (which I will eventually be making paws for):


This one, I'm rather annoyed with. So many flaws, so asymmetrical...but I guess that's the way to improve, right, to keep making these things? (I *will* improve, right? Right??? RIGHT?!?!?!) This one's the first canine head I've done, and my third head overall; it's also my first attempt at painting fur. The tail is the first husky tail I've ever done, and I'm actually proud of that one.

And here's a griffin tail and ear set:


SO MANY FEATHERS...! But it was worth it. It still bugs me a little, but I actually kind of like this one. The ears are adjustable and everything. :3 I'm also proud of myself for actually making the fake feathers, rather than just copping out and doing ear tufts and a lion-shaped tail.

And finally, an actual lion tail:


Just a tail here, nothing to see. :P I think this one's the longest one I've ever made. (at least so far)
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