June 15th, 2011

Going to attempt to make first fursuit soon but i have questions.

  So, exactly what the title says but i have a few questions....
1. I live in chapel hill NC, if i were to get fur and foam and whatever else i may need form somewhere locally,where would be the best place?
2. If it is to be a partial, what and how much would i need?
3.What would be the best tutorials to use for everything...
4. About how much would it cost?
5. any good first animals,if not a good original one thats not the average kitty wolfie puppy?

Anything else i should know? Thanks ^^

okay, so i have come down to two breeds of dog since a few people said that dogs were the easiest. Number one is a Tibetan mastiff and number two is a giant wooly Alaskan malamute. But seriously i cant decide.

These would be the dogs i'd be modeling after

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Thought I might share

So I was staring at some 5 toed feet foam work I did a while back and I just thought it looked weird and for some reason it made me think about trying feral hands. I did a little research on it and cobbled something together with some spare silicone pads I had fluttering about. All the thread is black right now because its maddening to try and pick white thread out of white fleece or black thread out of black fleece. when it comes to the inside of hands sturdiness is more important that cosmetic to me.


Other than the fingers I may pad out the side of the hand, too.

Super seal fur?

I love the quality of Mendel's super seal fur for my next fursuit the only problem is the price. With it being 27.99 a yard it isn't exactly affordable.  So I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere else you can buy it if not I guess Ill have to fork over the extra money for what I want. 

Also does anyone have any examples of it being used on a suit I would really love to see it! 

Thanks a bunch! 

3/4 Suit Question :3

I'm building my third suit, and this is going to be my first time building digitigrade legs. I'm unsure of the yardage of fur I would need to build a 3/4 suit with digitigrade.

Here's his reference:


I figure I'd be safe with 3 yards of pink, 2 yards of white, and a yard each of purple and fuschia to build the whole 3/4 suit. However, I've never built digitigrade legs before and I'm not exactly sure if this will be enough. I'm about 4'10", if it counts, so I'm relatively short. =P
Tutorials would be really nice if anyone wants to point me towards some. :3

Thank you!~ <3
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Thoughts on a first cat head

I had help earlier today casting my face in preparation for a house cat mask that I wish to make. this will be my first mask done this way and a house cat looked like something easy enough to make look the way that I want it to and that I would be happy with.


I wish to make a resin cast head for this, and I plan on ordering the brush on kit from dickblick.com http://www.dickblick.com/products/smooth-on-starter-kits/ This kit is a little pricey. I was wondering exactly how many masks I could get out of it? I was also wondering if the molds from the masks are reusable?

For my house cat mask, I intend on ordering some teeth. The closest animal that I can find jaw wise to a house cat is a cougar for a jaw set and I'm hoping that the proportions of the jaws will be appropriate for the face. It looks like I can get a decent jaw replica from this place. http://stores.ebay.com/CARNEFX

I also plan on having resin cast following eyes. I plan on doing this myself, but I realize that other individuals have had frustrations with this in the recent past.

As far as my materials that I do have, it's pretty much my face cast and my clay for sculpting the cat face. Though it occurred to me today when I was getting my materials out to start sculpting that I should wait until I have the other parts of this project.

I'm completely new at this. If I've forgotten anything so far, I'd appreciated some tips.

Thank you.