June 17th, 2011

How to go about two color handpaws?

Does anyone have any tips and tricks on how to do this? I need to make the fingers green and the hand black...my concern is if the fingers are stiched to the hand and the fur is shaved down would one be able to see the stitches? Im not sure on how to approach doing this..do i need to make the finger longer than normal because they get sewed on?

True grit

Will the techniques used for epoxy resin (le polishing/buffing/trimming/removing release agents) work the same as with standard smooth-on liquid plastic? 

How heat sensitive is clear cast? Should I get a candy thermometer? 

Thank you!

Paw Template question

would tis template work? i tried to make one with longer fingers so i could hold things and do stuff..would this template work at all or should i try another? I have to cut the fingers off the template because there another color..any tips on what i should do?


the seam was hard to do between the fingers because i had to cut down far..or are those finger gonna be a bit to long? My finger are long themselves

I was thinking if i traced my hand fingers spread and transfer d that to fur wouldn't the final product have fingers way spead out and not really moveable? Because its from a pattern with spread out fingers?

Mightyena Partial

Hi all! I was leaning towards making a Mightyena partial since I've always wanted to make some sort of fursuit. Beetlecat has inspired me so much haha. I wanted to make my mightyena kind of like the way she makes her fursuit heads. To all who doesn't know what it looks like, here is a picture:

I do have one question though...how can i make the "mane" that it has. I was thinking just getting some long pile fur and getting some short grey fur. and isn't partial suits a little awkward with the neck flap? This is another random question haha, Beetlecat makes some Beautiful eyes but didn't really make a tutorial to make the "eye color" to her resin eyes. Sorry for so many questions, this is my first fursuit so I want to do it the right way :)

is it ok to have tear ducts on a toony suit?

im making white tear ducts on my suit with white fur but my fursona has toony eyes would that look ok?
i cant see through the front of the suit an i wish i could see through the front i have not cut the foam yet to add this in.
if anyone could give me advice thanks?

                                                                                                 ^^my reffrence^^

Simple Drawn Fox

IM Chat and first suit

I just joined the community last night and today i realized that there was an instant messaging system. I was already familiar with how to set one up but I was wondering if anyone actually uses it.

I've decided to try and make a fursuit head using mesh due to it being cheap. Is this a good idea if I'm doing it mostly just for practice? 

Digitigrade legs?

I wanna make some but im confused on how. I looked though the memories and noticed some good ones but the problem is that I am a visual learner. I read Matrices but Couldnt understand what to do with all the words. I feel like an idiot becuz i coodnt understand. I also checked youtube as well. For matrices i noticed I needed a dummy wwhich i had no idea how to make. What do I use to make the pants stand/stay thick? What kind of pants should I use? Im guessing not jeans cuz that would be a bad idea. How do I put the fur onto the pants later? I dont have a sewing machine but i do know how to handsew pretty well. I was hoping i could hot glue the fur on.