June 21st, 2011


Help me practice with a trade?

Please alert me if this isn't appropriate for this journal!

I'm wanting to try making a more complicated tail; mainly a curly tail (though it can be in any shape) but the whole making a tail that someone might not want is keeping me from wanting to attempt  a new style and the lack of money to buy replacement fur isn't helping...

So what I'm looking for is someone that would be willing to trade me at least a yard of DF long pile white fur (A color that I need the most) for a medium to long tail and perhaps ears to go with it. If anyone is willing to trade 2 or so yards, I have been wanting to try out making some personalized hoodies with tails and ears to match.

I will also consider other colors of fur but the white is what I need for a project. If you have a request for something else, we might be able to work something out.

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I do apologize if this is the incorrect place to post this but...

Something lately came to my attention a little too late and I'm a bit worried as to what may happen to the suit that was shipped. Has anyone thought to do some sort of link system or some journal posting every now and then, alerting folks of mail strikes going on? I shipped a suit up to Canada, only to find out they've been on strike since May 25th. What happens to the packages during that time? The commissioner and I have been watching this eagerly now for any change and I thought I would ask around, see if anyone has encountered this before. Thankfully it is a resin head and can handle being tossed around easily, but I'm still worried about it, never the less...

But there is good news to anyone that still needs to ship up there. UPS and Fed-Ex are still shipping to and from the U.S. to Canada...


 EDIT:  Thanks for all the help guys, the commissioner decied to go with a lovely dark turquoise with royal blue spotting. 

Alright I'm building a new suit and the color of the blue fur on this fursona is IMPOSSIBLE to find!  I've been searching all morning and I haven't even found anything close!
What should I do?
Here's the refsheet, you think you guys could help me find something similar?
blackcat front

Cool Products

Hey guys!
My fiance just met with the CEO of Inventables and got to see all the awesome stuff they offer! I was browsing around their website and they have a bunch of stuff that I thought you all might be interested in using in fursuits. Stuff like shape-retaining plastic, glow-in-the-dark tubing, talking tape, permanent switchable magnets, form-holding sheets, shape-memory polymers, flexable LED tubing, stretch sensing rubber, mini smart LEDs, and hand-moldable plastic (which my fiance got a sample of and it's pretty sweet!)

Definitely check out the Raw Materials section!

The textiles they offer are pretty awesome!! http://www.inventables.com/categories/raw-materials/textiles
They also have moisture-wicking foam that doesn't absorb the moisture. It's pretty expensive, but it might be worth it for suiters who sweat a lot.

Anyway, thought I'd share! Always fun to experiment with new mediums. :3
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$10 shaggy fur at Fabric.com?

It seems as though black, lime, and brown shag fur at fabric.com (the same stuff as DF fabrics) are only $10 now instead of $20.. does anybody know why?


Is it just because of overstock or something or is the fur 'bad'? I don't want to risk paying something that is too good to be true and end up with terrible fur, haha! Is the fur just fine?


What a pain in the neck!

OK guys, I'm just looking for a little bit of general advice here as there is a problem I have noticed with some of my suits and I would like to improve on this.

When I make my heads, I have my mannequin head padded out to around 25"-26" to allow for glasses/head room and I also pad out my neck sufficiently. I also make my own balaclavas out of lycra from a custom pattern. I test putting the head on and taking it off several times during building with no difficulty before the neck goes on - when my neck fur is sewn on the fit is a little harder to get on but not significantly so. For me any way.

I have delivered 2 suits in person - and both customers had great difficulty in getting their heads on despite myself and other people trying them on as well so I am assuming it is an issue with the necks being too tight. I don't have a set neck pattern - I go by the customers measurements and work it out from there.

So yes TL;DR I feel my necks are too tight!

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Any advice as always is appreciated :D

Anybody have fur to sell?

Because Distinctive Fabric won't let me order less than a yard of fur, I was wondering if anybody has some extra fur in fuschia and purple they wouldn't mind selling. =) I don't need a whole yard, because I'm only using them for minor details on my suit. (Reference!~)
I just don't want to pay the $46 for two full yards of fur that I won't find a use for! :C Quite frankly, I don't think I'll even need a half yard.

Thumbnails of the fur colors I need from the DF site...


If anyone could help me that would be wonderful! :D
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