July 3rd, 2011


"Furring" a head... without fur?

I'm not sure if this costume would quality as a "fursuit" (no fur) but I'm using a lot of fursuit techniques to make it, so I figured I'd post here.

I'm making a Urabrask the Hidden costume, and I've been reading fursuiting tutorials to learn how to make most of the parts. I finished a foam head base a while back but I've been stuck on the "furring" step, since well, I'm not using fur.

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Transporting a quadsuit

Well this is the last place I can turn to for asking this! So here it goes.

me and my gf are going to Anime expo LA next year (we live in florida) and were going to be bringing our pokemon quadsuits (Entei and Suicune) there with us. What I want to know is will they flip out at the air port about it at all? I'm not to worried about how much it's going to cst or what to put it in...Just like id  hate to have it all packed then they tell me I can't bring it on. It's the front arms im worried about with both of them. There made of PVC pipe and the paws are made of wood with a metal hinge so that the paw moves freely. The toes are made of Tennis balls and its all covered with foam and fur. Also a bit scared there not going to like the heads.

The Entei is a WIP still and im workin on the head. The Suicune has not been made yet (only the front arms have been started). The Entei head is being made of a old laundry basket and foam will be around it to but you can tell on the inside its a laundry basket. But yea :/ just REALLY wanting to know if i packed it right would they put it in cargo and not care or will they freak out about it?




Beetle airbrushing animated


Has anyone ever used DF's sparkle fur for the majority of a fursuit (not accents but the whole body)? Reactions on my twitter were mixed over this idea - I've never seen this fur in person yet (bit of a time crunch so I do not want to order samples. I will either buy the yards or go with another fur.)

Aside from dealing with the length (can it be trimmed?), is the quality up to the job? Does it fall apart/shed easily? Is the backing particularly weak?

I'd love to see pics of the sparkle fur in action (particulary black and white)


How well does it match MM's 3 inch Fox furs?

First fursuit

 So me and my friend spent two days and a night making this head. Its my first time doing anything related to fursuits. I made the plastic mesh head base and helped with the foaming and did practically all the furring. i also did the eyes. My friend insisted on not cutting holes in the eyes but putting them waaaaaaaaay off to the side and leaving gaping holes for her to see out of but you can totally see her eyes. (the pictures dont show this because she changed it w/out asking me after we took the pics. If it was my personal suit i would have done many things differently.

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kitty loaf
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Cat Moth Fursuit!

I'm very interested in making a moth cat hybrid based off of a Polyphemus Moth. I'm curious what kind of material would work best for the antennae. They're pretty big and I know what it's like to have wind catchers on your suit head :3 I was thinking it would be pretty cool to use Electroluminescent wire and have them glow.

Another sticking point was how to make the wings. I want them to be light weight and was going to use a back pack like set up to keep them attached to me without effecting the suit in anyway. The only example I've seen has been by Magpie Bones about a year ago of Luna Moth wings using cotton cloth and really thin foam.'

I will edit this with ref pictures as soon as I get to a scanner :3
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 Has anyone attempted to make a 3/4 fursuit in 4 days? Is it doable? 
I'm making a fursuit (or I should say, fleece suit) for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A.
I have the base of the head mostly finished, but I plan on having hooves (hands and feet) and a tail. If I have time, I'll be making digitigrade pants as well.
Would you say I'd be able to finish it in time? (The 3/4, and if not, the partial?)

Also- help with the eyes? I don't have time to run out to grab some see-through fabric (my parents' car isn't working anyways), so any help with that? I'm thinking about using plastic mesh since it's a one-time suit, but I'm not too sure about it. 
Last time, most people could see through it without a problem. I don't exactly want to use pantyhose (that was a pain in the butt to use and I didn't actually use it because it was messy and it didn't stretch enough for me to see through it.) I can't use a spare pair of glasses, as I have none. Please help me if you can, otherwise I'll have to go ahead and use the mesh.
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Resin Jaw hinge

Got my new resin bases cast after the crit from my last post, but I need help with hinges, I usually just glue the resin base down to a foam 'underskull' of sorts but I feel that solid plastic/resin hinges would work much better O: thing is, I have no idea how to make the hinges :'> Was thinking about using maybe a plastic sheeting of some sort?
any help appreciated!