July 11th, 2011


Keeping leg sleeves...on your legs?

I'm made plenty of arm sleeves before and use elastic strapping between the two sleeves to help keep them from slipping down arms when suiting. I'm not too sure about how to keep leg sleeves from slipping down though and hope some of you guys have more experience with them. I've thought about sewing them to a pair of boxers/thin cloth short-type pants or would using some type of elastic rigging work? 

Thanks in advance for the help (:

Head help needed

Im trying to make my first head and i need to fit glasses under it..well right now im stuck as to how to attach the muzzle..it just kinda hangs in mid air and i have no clue how to make a bottom jaw..i glued foam the elastic to see if the moving jaw works and it does not..can anyone help me please and offer tips? Its so big right now and when furred it would be huge..im really stumped



it is going to be a wolf..and if anyone has a better tut i can use please do let me know this one seems quite hard to do

Dry Cleaner safe airbrushing..?

I recently touched up a bodysuit with createx airbrush paint, and heat set it for about 5-10 minutes. It did not, however, survive the dry cleaners. Are there any dry cleaning safe paints out there? I figured since Createx was a heat-set it would be alright but apparently I don't know dick.


Suggestions? (I hand wash all my suits, this one was for a customer who prefers to dry clean- the original hand painted spots lasted a good 3-5 years but the new ones(Airbrushed) just went away like that).

Painting Marking?

Well, I've started a bit on my Ninetales and Absol quadsuit, they're about 45%/60% done with bodysuits and foam based heads and a few other things.

I built a way to make them blink (I'll post that later), given them paw pads, noses and eyes.

But with ninetales, it has the darker colors at the tips of its tails.

I don't have money for an airbrush and I don't want to dye the small bits of the tails.

I've heard of like water color something like that for painting on markings and such, are there tutorials on how to hand paint markings somewhere?

Repetitive fur question.

I hate to post one of the many "does this fur here match this fur here" posts but... something was bothering me. I'd like to avoid ordering swatches as much as possible though, because I live in Missouri and all these places are located on either cost, which takes awhile to receive. If I remember correctly, all of the following fur types were the same, but... I'm sort of double-checking with you guys here.
and hopefully the cut works haha.


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Fabric.com has the cheapest, followed by syfabrics and DF so... ayudame por favor?

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Cheap Yarn

So...I'm looking for a LOT of yarn. Enough yarn to make a lion mane(I'm actually making long hair for a dragon mask, but I figure "lion mane" is a good amount descriptor), in plain boring black. It doesn't need to be nice by any means, I'm making tendril type "hair" that can get tangled or be loosely braided. I'm unsure how many feet or bundles or whatever the unit is I'll need. :/

First resin mask... :3


Well I bought a few resin blanks from my friend over here http://www.furaffinity.net/user/phazonalloy and during all the chaos around the home I wanted to do something new and different. So I basically threw in a pair of acrylic eyes I had sitting around here in there... made a nose and threw it on there after painting it black, and then decided it was too bland and dry brushed some gold on it. Made some horns and did the same thing... I wasn't sure how to fur it so i just picked a few furs I had on me and voila!

I was going to originally go alone with the markings of a masked palm civet
http://wild-facts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/medium.jpg but I thought it was too boring and I spiced it up a bit... I hope it doesn't look too crazy.

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