July 12th, 2011

Help with Jaw and eyes!

Hello! I need some help!

First of all my friend has a head with a jaw that's basically static. It only moves a little if it's pulled more tight on her. I'm figuring it needs some padding along her jawline, but what else can I do to make it move better?

Also we remade the eyes to make them toony follow me eyes but I feel that they don't really follow you as well as they should. What did we do wrong?

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Looking into buying a jawset from vandykes, sent them an email twice but have received no response so I though i'd post the question here~

#1 http://www.vandykestaxidermy.com/VJW209-P7290C251.aspx
#2 http://www.vandykestaxidermy.com/MSL1108R-P7364C257.aspx
#3 http://www.vandykestaxidermy.com/MSL1146R-P7372C257.aspx
Has anyone had any experience with using the above jawsets? I dont care about the length as much since I can cut it down to size, its just the width im worried about. My resin casts' bottom jaw is around 4.5cm in width where the canines would sit. Would any of those 3 jawsets fit into that? 


Help! I'm Melting! (Alright, my sculpt is)

Today, I attempted to make a mold for a resin mask. I was using "oogoo" (the mixture of silicone caulking and corn starch found here: www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Your-Own-Sugru-Substitute/ ) and things seemed to be going ok, until...

My sculpt, made of jolly king plasticine, began to exude copious amounts of oil and melted slightly, probably because it's about 95 degrees here. Oil is one of the few things that the wet oogoo won't stick to, and part of it slid off and cured in a very distorted way. The mold isn't salvageable. The good news is that in the places where the oogoo didn't slide off, the mold looked great and I'm pretty sure it could have been an excellent mold, had it not melted.

I would really like to work on molding this sculpt as soon as possible, but I'm pretty sure the weather is going to stay hot for a good while (I have nowhere cool to make molds, as well). If I were to use a two-part silicone (like Smooth-On's REBOUND 25 herp derp) would I still have the same problems with my melting sculpt?

What silicone would you recommend for moldmaking? I have access to almost everything at a semi-local store (the compleat sculptor) so any guidance would be great. (I wanted to use oogoo to test it for science! but I'm willing to cough up the cash to buy traditional brush-on silicone if it means that the oil won't repel my mold from my sculpt)

If any mold making material would still melt off of my sculpt, how can I prevent the oil from ruining the mold?