July 15th, 2011

Simple Drawn Fox

Balaclava Head Elastic

 So I've been working on putting elastic on my balaclava for far too long now. I feel like I'm being a bit too picky with how it goes on. So I was just wondering if it needs to be perfect?

Right now its kinda goofy, and it goes under my chin, but it has some tension to it and its not too tight. Is that all I really need?

I'll post a picture if you need one, but I won't be able to until like Monday of next week due to leaving for the weekend.

Thanks for the help.  


So I wasn't happy with the blond hair :(

My suit is burgundy and black with white, I need a hair color that doesn't darken me any more than I already am. Black is the logical choice, or burgundy because it's a red panda, but I'm afraid matching the hair won't pop enough. Ideally I would like a sweet/classic loli color scheme So my ideas are :

Rose pink and chocolate brown

Bright pink with black

Cherry red

Mint green and chocolate brown


Classic light brown

Any ideas/opinions/feedback?

Worried/nervous suit + polar bear fur?

Well i sacked the seal costume and went for an albino raccoon/  coondog thing, which is done, should be up on furbuy soon, I dont have a camera right now, but anyway.

for my next project im thinking of doing a skittish looking character, probably a white/ gray fox or other simple canine.

im used to making happy looking characters for puppets/fursuits so this will be a little bit of a challenge, I was wondering if anyone knew of any other tweeked-out looking fursuits for refference.

Im also thinking about maybe  having the tail curl round my leg, since having it tucked between my legs would be awkward, do you think it would be better to design it so it curves in that direction or should i make a straight tale and add a small lobster claw clip to the end so it clips to my pants?

Also has anyone here used the polar bear fur from "the throw company"?


ive orderd swatches but i was wondering if anyone has used it, has pictures of it in use and if you think it would be suitable for hair tufts?

anyway thanks for any help, if i dont reply to comments left after today, thats just because i dont have my own internet access. but ill be back to check on things, thanks!



Dragon Tail Completed

Sorry for posting again like this, but I managed to finish it last night and actually get pictures relatively quickly. I think the tail needs to have a bit wider base but it's stable and has some nice swing/bounce to it and the tip can be moved and posed because of the ball style polyfil without flopping ^_^.

I hope that picture works, if not, the link is http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6127534/
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Blue Canary Characters

I am happy to say that the Blue Canary Characters website is officially live! I collaborated with the incredibly talented Terry Caber Jr., who used his mad skills to bring the site to life.
The website features various character designs, costumes, props, and repair work examples from 2008 until present. When you have a moment, please pop over to www.bluecanarycharacters.com.

Please check out other examples of Terry’s work:
Terry's Portfolio
Spark Firewood
California Attorney Lending

Lindy and Hop progress blog

Maybe you remember my post from a while ago that Karpour and me were planning to build two blue-eyed lemurs. We're finally getting started!

We're experimenting with a lot of new stuff (to us) this time, and since the characters aren't secret or anything we thought we'd share. I've created a tumblr blog to post the progress to. I'm updating a lot and I don't want to spam this community, so I'm directing you all there right now. If you'd alll like us to we could still make the occasional post here, and I'll definitely show the end result when they're finished! Since you can't comment on the blog, you're welcome to comment here if you have any questions.

(concepts traced over our bodies to get an idea of the proportions)

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Finished Head

I got my custom glass eyes in the mail  on monday, and unfortunatly they were too small to even consider using. I decided to use my own resin blanks, but was not satisfied, so I decided on toony. This picture is slightly distorted due to the angle, but here are the toony eyes :) Finally something I'm semi-happy with. But as much as a like it, I can not wait until I improve and redo this suit... or get it commissioned.

tell me what you think, but keep in mind, I'm beyond the point of no return and can no longer rip the eyes out because they are -permantently- glued in.

If you see this suit running around AC, and think, "there is no way Sepiaa is six feet tall", I can reassure you, it is me :)