July 17th, 2011

QuickQuestion about eyes

on my last suit the Iris/pupil of the eye was an oval shape, i cut them out with scissors but i did have to make a cut through the white of the eye and hide it behind the fur pile of the nose ridge, if i wanted to create a round iris i would use a core drill peice, but how do i cut out oval shapes in to plastic? is there a tool i need to invest in?

Thanks in advance.

Hoove Hands?

My boyfriend has happily given me an extra ticket to go the Rennisance Fare this year because my younger brother would rather go to Great America.

Anywho, I had made a Fawn costume last year for a school dance theme. After finally finding another event to wear these things, I decided to remake them just because the hoove feet and pants got ruined by my puppy after someone had locked him in the basement while I was at school.

So, I've finished making small horns with ears attached to a head-band for more fun, and making duriable hooves (That I love), I've remade the padding for the digigrade pants, and stalking around for new fur.

Though, it's pretty cold around the time of the year that the fare is on, I want to make some fur sleeves with small hooves on my fingers just for fun :3. I want it only to be 3 hooves, one on my thumb, one on my index and middle finger, and one on my ring finger and pinky.

I've tried a few ways, like how I made my horns, but it didn't work out l work out how like I wanted too. Does anyone know any good hoove hand tutorials?