July 18th, 2011

fleece heads

Hey, I am making a fursuit head with both fur and fleece, and I was wondering if I could get some links to examples of heads with both fur and fleece. I haven't done this yet so it would be nice to get an idea on how/where to shave the fur so that it looks natural.
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Mascot-sized moving jaw?

I'm making a mascot partial for my robotics team, the Eaglebots.

I was hoping for a moving jaw mechanism, but it has to be able to fit different people and hopefully not too complicated for another person to figure out. The other fact is that it is a beak, and I have not tried doing a moving jaw for a beak before.

This will be an all-foam head, but I don't mind adding some contraptions inside to get a moving jaw rig going. There's also going to be light up eyes and possibly a fan, so it'll have some room inside.

So any ideas for a simple-to-use, moving jaw rig that will not have to be customized to a certain person's head size?
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I was browsing around here out of boredom (test week yaaay) and I came across this old post about sleeves:

EDIT: I posted the wrong link. >.< I thought that was it but it wasn't. D: I drew something to illustrate what the post was about:

It was about that it's better to adjust the sleeves on your McCalls pattern to the ones I showed because it's how normal sleeves on clothes look and the others just suck.

I really like the tip. Thing is; I already finished my test suit. :C Is it possible to take apart the upper part of the test suit and just shaping it like the post says I should shape it or will it end up being too narrow and/or do I mess up the pattern?

Also, what difference does it make (like, oh wel nice tip or A MUST for epic comfort?). If it's that much of a difference I'll just remake (top only?) part of the test suit, but I'd rather not.

Toony black and green cat head


First toony head I've done; it has its flaws, but I'm mostly pleased with it.

This was my first attempt at plastic bowl eyes. (well, wastebasket eyes, anyway) The nose is a touch too high, and I should've done better at sculpting the smile, but otherwise I like it.

This was an at-materials-cost commission, and the person waiting for it to get to her is super-excited about it. (I hope she likes it!)

This is my fourth fursuit head overall. Symmetry is slowly ceasing to be my mortal foe, too. (yay?)
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