July 20th, 2011

Fur and eye casting?

Alright, guys. Recently, I posted on the Quadsuit community page.. but haven't gotten many answers. I have two main questions that could be adressed here.

Where can I find some fur that looks feathery? The closest I've found is Bubble Fur.. which.. isn't very close. (I'm making a Buckbeak quadsuit from HP). Or, how could I -make- feather-like things out of fabric? They need to be soft and flexable, obviously, and they need to not mat when sat on.

Eyes. They're going to be cast resin, but does anyone have any suggestions for mold making? I need to fit one or two LEDs in them.. and I don't even know how big each one'll need to be in order to look good with the head.,

Help plz?

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Fibre optics and LEDS in heads, changing batteries??

Hey guys.
I just have a little question for those of you that have made suits with fibreoptics of LEDS or any other electronics in the heads. Where do you put the battery pack so that is it accessable to the customer so they can change the batteries easily??

I am doing a rave fox/dragon hybrid suit that the customer gave me full artistic freedom on (gotta love it when they do that :D)  So I deceided to do something I have been wanting to do for a while and thats put fibre optic whiskers on a suit.
Now I have how to install and attach the actual whiskers figured and where to put the switch so it is easy to get to but I am not sure of the best way to make the battery pack accessable. If it was a personal suit I would really mind if I had to do something drastic to get to them but because its for a customer I need them to be as easy to get to as possible but still well hidden. SO any ideas are very appreciated


Questions time!

Greetings my Jedi masters!

I am making a King DeDeDe cosplay and it is coming along real well, however I've run across a small problem that I can't seem to solve alone! D:

I made the 'beak' out of foam and coated it with several layers of Mod Podge to make it sturdier, then painted 2 layers of primer paint and a layer of sealant, THEN I painted on several layers of yellow (not all in the same day, duh lol). Now whenever I paint a layer of yellow on, first of all the color isn't uniform at all, there are some small areas that seem... greener? But the main problem is there are loads of real mini cracks all over the darn thing. I tried to photograph them but they are so small they don't appear on camera, but when close to it IRL you can really notice them.


What causes this? What am I doing wrong and what can I do now? X3


My other question doesn't really belong here I know, but since half this post is about building I suppose it wouldn't matter much, just tell me if it should be taken down:

I've been thinking of selling my iZam fursuit (this one here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3846485/) but thing is... I wanna keep the character. Is that possible? Can you sell one of your character's fursuit without selling the actual character design/personality? I feel like this is a stupid question but I am really wondering (and a newb at this). ^^;

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Balacalva Moving Jaw Help Needed

So i need help figuring out how to make my moving jaw work better with the head on it barely opens and when i do try to make it open the balacalva rides up and covers my mouth so i have to pull it to bring it back down..does anyone have advice on how to fix this? The jaw is glued onto the elastic on the sides and in the front but its very comfortable when it keeps ridding up and it barley moves..

here is a pic i took showing the mouth hole / how the jaw is attached


might the hole need to be bigger? is the elastic in the wrong spot?

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Okay...fleece is not my forte. it did not work out. I'm not a skilled fursuit maker, so I have no idea how to hide the seams and all that. plus, it just doesn't look right.

And I don't know what it is, but the muzzle now, looks WAY too big. So I'm thinking I will take off the fleece and replace it with fur, after cutting down the muzzle a little.
Any other suggestions? Because I could use the help! 
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Working with liquid latex?

I'm new when it comes to working with liquid latex so I just wondered, for those who have worked with it, how long does it take to set/dry? Such as if you are making paw pads, how long does that take before you remove it from the mold? I did a small test with it for a pad about the size of your thumb and maybe a quarter of an inch deep. It's been nearly 24 hours and it's still not ready to be pulled out. Is there anything special I should know/do? Thanks in advance, (and sorry if this has been asked before!!)
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Latex alternative?

Hello everyone!

I'm getting ready to cast my first set of pawpads, and was originally wanting to use rubber latex because it seemed to be the easiest to deal with for a beginner...but I am a bit worried about allergies. Does anyone have any good, strong, easy to use alternatives (especially for foot pads)? My dad is actually a professional mold maker, but is baffled when I say things like "people cast eyes out of resin". He says there are tons of materials that can be referred to as resin, and really has no idea what I'm talking about. XD; Any help is appreciated, I know he'll be able to make molds for whatever I get.

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Arrow Revamp

So I finally finished remaking my suits head. The first one was very big and very heavy. It gave me headaches and had a huge blind spot in the center of the head.

This drove me to remake it using the balaclava method. And boy, let me tell you, it was worth it! This new head is so comfortable and so much smaller! And it has great ventilation and a moving jaw as well. I am so happy with how he turned out!
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