July 22nd, 2011

Feathers, scales, and quadsuits!


Alright, guys. A lot of you know about my buckbeak quadsuit.. but I'm having some issues with materials.

I saw a journal someone had posted about making feathers out of fur and straw pieces.. but I need them to be really really durable (they're going on the head / neck of the suit).

Scales. The legs. Since I'm using jointed stilts made of PVC pipe, I was wondering. My original plan was to buy some sort of stretch spandex stuff and wrap the legs with that, and then do foamies scales over that.. but I'm worried about flexibility. Any tips?

Light Pipes and Team Illuminate Video

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Hey all, this is about the head I have been working on. I have covered it in fur, (it's all that dark grey color because the only other colors they had at the store were pink and red...) but i haven't trimmed it yet. I was wondering, where exactly do I need to trim it? and what do I use to trim it with? I don't have an ectric razor or shear or...whatver they are called. just scissors. would fabric shears/scissors work? 

Also, I haven't put on the eyes yet... I'm wondering, does it look good when people put the eyes kinda, on top of the fur? Because the eye holes are too small now to put the eyes inside the head. And they eyes would just be normal toony eyes. nothing special.
I have pictures again, too. (i also haven't put on the nose yet, either) and i am looking at the pictures right now.... it looks a lot better in person. lol.
http://www.iaza.com/work/110723C/iaza13751339196200.png (remember. no eyes or nose yet)

Where to buy

I have failed over and over again trying to make eyes for my fursuit.  I want to find somewhere where I can buy pre-made simple toon eyes?

Without the commission bit.  I've searched and found no sites selling.  Simple is good.
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ur opinion need here

needing critiques to help me out with my foam work plz~ im kinda trying to make it to a wolf head (no wolf species in particular) n.n im happy with what i have right now but i rly want to be proud with the finish product. so if anything looks wrong dont be a afraid to say so and appreciated if you guys can add some advice to.

(gotta thank my youngest sibling for modeling it for me n.n)

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just kinda waiting to get some sort of heads up before i furry it =3 and as a side note, i wanna add eyelashes.... help?

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Dyeing fur light yellow

There have been plenty of good posts about dyeing fur with acrylics before;

..but I thought I'd share my experience too.

I need light yellow fur and have DF ivory, so I mixed yellow acrylics with cold water, and did some test pieces. It worked out better than I thought! I expected the paint to hold on far less well, and the test pieces turned out far more yellow than I actually planned. (the two times I dyed before were fabric dye onto fur, and acrylics unto fleece, neither held on very well though they did their job) Next time I'll just use less paint, I guess.

I had two test pieces, one left drying flat, and one hanging in front of a fan. With both pieces I combed one half while drying and left the other untouched. All four techniques work fine, the fur is still surprisingly fluffy, it feels pretty much as soft as it did before.
The fur that was left hanging has more or less of a gradient, because the paint runs down to the bottom. I'm not sure how this would work out with a larger piece, either there would be a gradient all over the fur but I suspect only the bottom ridge would be very saturated.
Combing didn't make much of a difference for the fur texture, after drying the non-combed fur was scruffy and hard but after a good brushing it was just as fluffy as the combed part. A difference though is that the combed part has the paint more spread all over the fur and seems far more saturated in color. The uncombed part has more color on the tips, and the undercoat has less color to it. It looks really nice but I wouldn't recommend it if you need to trim the fur.

Photos can be seen here! (though as always, the color is off in the photos)

This test was meant for a big fur piece which I still need to dye, I'll show how that turned out here for sure! As said before, you can follow the entire progress for the suits we're building on that blog.
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Fixing a Sewing Machine?

Hey guys, I'm trying to stay positive, but it's getting really hard. All was going well until my sewing machine jammed up without me noticing, and then made a loud crack and stopped working. What seems to be the problem is that the needle can't catch the bobin thread. I know how to thread a machine, and I know I'm not doing it wrong... it just will not work.

Is there a way I can fix my machine? It's a pretty cheap machine to begin with, and can't sew thick fabrics easily, but it is okay.... should I just replace it? Is it even possible to hand-sew a fursuit? would it be good enough quality? I mean, I have 8 hours a day at work doing nothing... I could spend that time sewing...

I feel so defeated with the suit. I know I can finish it, and do it well, but it seems that the universe doesn't want it to happen. Complications just keep piling up,

ps, the draping method for the croth worked out very well!

Making pockets for removable digitigrade padding

I'm making my first digitigrade suit in the next some week, but I'm a little confused about how to make the padding removable. I plan on making shaped 'pillows' out of stuffing for the padding, then having compartments in the legs to keep them in place when they're on, but also so I can take the pillows out to wash the suit. What's the best way to go about this? I was thinking maybe using zips and some sort of cover to put the padding in, but on not really sure. Can anyone help me out?