July 25th, 2011

Fabric.com's Beaver Fur vs. Mendel's Super Seal (Ivory)

I was looking through various fur swatches I had when I realized that two of them were very similar. This has been tossed around in a few posts before, but hopefully I can help clear up some confusion, even if it's only one color in one type of fur.

A while ago I had ordered a swatch of Fabric.com's 'Faux Fur Beaver Ivory', and just recently I got a swatch of Mendel's 'Super Seal Ivory'. When I pulled them out and looked at them side by side, they seemed to be the exact same fur. Both of them felt very soft and had that seal 'sheen' to them, both were the same creamy color, and when I turned them over, I had to look for how they were cut to tell which sample was which because the backing was also the same.

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Chin strap question.

I recently received a resin head in the mail from a sculptor. Unfortunately, I have a tiny head. My partner was able to move it with no problem, aside the elastic set on it being a bit tight. I pondered the idea of adding a chin strap.

As anyone here added one to a suit before, and if so, what do you suggest picking up to use for installing it?
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Stuck On A Sewing Issue

So, I've been struggling with motivation to finish this suit for a while now. Picking it up, putting it aside, etc. But I finally have another landmark of the suit almost finished... and now I'm stuck xD

It's this TAIL. I think I may have screwed up cutting the pattern. There's this strip going along the bottom of the tail, and I'm... at a loss for how to connect it to the rest of the tail without leaving obvious seams. At the time, I thought it was the best cutting pattern because of the shape of the tail and the colors I had to add, but now...

Well, here's the pics


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Am I screwed? Will the seams not show too horribly if I sew it on the outside? What if I use thread of the closest color to the fur I can find?