July 31st, 2011

Simple Drawn Fox

Kinda stuck

 So I'm kinda at a standstill. I don't know what I want to do with my fursuit head. All I've done is put elastic on a balaclava and gather the materials, but I'm not sure what after that.

I'm thinking maybe I should get together some concept art of it, but I'm really not the best at drawing. Do I really need concept drawing to start. I'm thinking of making a fox like husky. Anyone have any examples maybe I can get some inspiration from? So I guess I'm asking if anyone has pics of a fusky, foamwork, sketches anything. 


Opinions on my method of creating digitigrade legs?

 Okay, I want to start by saying I really like Matrices method of making digitigrade legs ( www.matrices.net/digitigrade.asp ). I was planning on doing a somewhat similar method....I guess it's similar. 

I own a pair of skinny jeans and was thinking of using /that/ as a guide for my legs. I was going to outline the pattern of it and also draw out the spaces where the padding will go out onto the fur. I'm a little nervous about doing it because I pretty much did the same thing when I was making sleeves for my partial a while back (I'd used my jacket sleeves as a guide) and it was all fine except that they came out a tad bit short and ONE sleeve was a bit tight in one spot.

I was just wondering if I should do this or just go out and try to find a body suit pattern like in Matrices guide.
Any opinions?