August 1st, 2011

Need advice on my digitigrades!

So I've been working on the foam for my first digitigrade legs, and I know something looks off about them, they're still blocky and need to be shaved down a little bit and I do need to add some more padding around my knees, the foam blocks I've been cutting from weren't long enough to go from the top of my thigh to my knees.

My biggest question is.. do I need to pad my butt for them? I don't have the biggest rear end in the world, and a part of me thinks they look fine without it, another part is pretty sure I'd need a little extra cushioning there. I don't have any pictures, I don't have my camera with me at the time and it's hard to get a proper self photo of my legs anyway. But I do have a video showing as many angles as I can think to show.

I'm sorry for the obnoxious pattern on those pants, they're the only pants I have with that I could fit over my padded leggings XD
And.. I guess anything else I need to change with them? I don't want to settle for something less than the best I can do with my first suit.

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Sepia Suit Complete

Sep Suit Complete!Sep Suit Complete 2

The moment you have all been waiting for! The Sep suit has been Completed! :D Over all I'm very happy with how it turned out. it was a huge experiment and has many many flaws, but it's still my first suit ever, and I love it.

Unfortunately I had to leave out her crest and tail due to dificulty and the fact that no colours match. Ordering fur online is very touch-and-go. I ended up getting a $40.00 refund for all of my pink fur because it was nothing like the photo provided.

There are also a lot of compromises in the design, ex: Black upper arms, grey inner thighs. This was mostly due to lack of supplies. She also doesn't have any paw pads, because quite frankly I like the floofiness. I might add them later though.

I would like to thank EVERYONE here for their amazing advice! Couldn't have done it without you guys <3<3 So much love.

Professional photo's will be taken on August 13th at the Banff fur meet :D


Ok, so my bestest friend is gunna let me make her a mask/tail. She doesn't have a fursona or anything so that makes it easier on me :3

She wants a Squirrel with green racoon patterns, well, I don't have money for materials yet, I'm still in the brainstorming stage. I was curious on the shape and started playing with some Play-doh on a ken doll... this is what I made:

(My mom said it looked beaverish... and I kinda agree with her... any adivce?)

EDIT: Thanks guys ^.^" forgot about the close up option... Bright yellow had flash on, they turned out better with flash... Also, its cracked in some areas...

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That feather fur

Im making a two owl heads for me and my bother, and I know there is fur out there that looks feathery, I lost my link for it but I think it may have been a DF fur? I know its not a cheap fur and I have looked around for it but only seemed to have found it in one shade of brown, but I swear there where more colors so I may just not be looking in the right places.

Can anyone lead me in the right direction?