August 2nd, 2011


Foam slicing debacle and ghetto booty! Oh and feets

First: Foam.

I am in desperate need of another kind of tool to cut my foam with. For my feet I had no choice but to use an Exacto knife. Before and just after starting I was like "Oh alright this shouldn't be too bad" Cut to 45 minutes later, at least, and I have one cut out but as you can see by the time I got to the bottom the shape(right) was nothing like what I started with(Left) Ignore what is written on them in the picture. Not a major problem i just 'carved' the misshapen side. The problem now is that the foam slab I used is almost 6 inches high,(which is also why the shape deformed, I had to stretch and pull the foam to get in and see the cuts) I really need to slice at least an inch off the bottom of these feet. As I am planning to do digitgrade legs which I also need and easier and quicker way to cut this foam(yellow upholstery type BTW) so I don't disfigure the shape while going through the thickness.Right now my hours have been severely cut so any money I get is being saved for fur, so I can't quite afford a 18$(1 or 2 fur yards!) carving knife some speak of, the closest Walmart for cheaper is 30 min away and I currently don't have a car. Speaking of legs this leads to my next problem 
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Kim Graham's Digileg Stilts- A New Update!

Hey all!

Remember those fantastic digitigrade leg extensions sculptor Kim Graham made? Remember how she landed a deal with Weta Studios to mass produce them affordably- and then after months of production and only a short while after its release, was suddenly scrapped?
Yeah, it sucked.

I had been looking forward to owning a pair for over 2 years since the project first began, so I'm sure have many of you shared this disappointment. Well you may have heard sometime after that the project was picked up by a UK company, Area 51... and then you never heard a word again?

I finally bring you the long awaited news about the silly things!
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Alright, I've really been dreading this but I could use some advice.

Some of you may have seen this head already. I'm trying to sell it in time for RainFurrest in less than two months. I've already touched it up a few times since I first put it up on auction. But the reason I didn't post it here for critique is because I'm trying to get out of fursuit building (pretty unsuccessfully too). I'm insanely burnt out/depressed and really don't want to work on this anymore but I still want it to sell. When it didn't sell the first time on auction (closed with no bids) I felt really bad because I've been somewhat fortunate and never really had issues selling any of my fursuit creations before. I thought this would be a sure seller.

Aside from pics (which I'm terrible at), can you think of anything that would help increase chance of this getting sold? There's some things I cannot budge on though, as I have NO money to spend on more supplies. I know I'm probably over reacting here but that's just because I'm nervous.

Edit: Thanks for all the advice so far guys ;___; Sadly I cannot make most of the changes people are suggesting like new eyes/nose due to lack of supplies. But I can however add eyebrows!

Who's that Pokemon?

Absol's eye, close up.

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X-posted to my personal journal. Sorry to anyone who gets this twice. Feel free to critique - I'd like to know what I can do better (for instance, blending the fur into the wefts - how do I shot web? The texture didn't match, though the color is right on.)