August 3rd, 2011

fur matching...sort of

I bought some of Mendel's "werewolf" fur for the darker parts of a suit of my fursona that I'm hoping to make eventually.

It's sort of dark red-brown/blonde-ish with black guard hairs. The picture that Mendel's has is a bit light from the flash, so it's a lot darker. (I can get a different picture if needed)
My main issue is that the fur has an olive green base. And I mean seriously olive green. If I shave it down, what I get is the olive green, and my fursona's feet use the dark color. So I'd have to shave it down on the front of the toes and such to get definition/that non-fuzzy look.
Anyone have any recommendations on what I should get for the feet?

I'm thinking about getting swatches of and, but does anyone have any other ideas?
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red lining, really needed..please help

i tried sculpting from foam but it makes my hands and nose itch badly, so im trying the casting method as i can use my hands to sculpt the shape i want. However Its really difficult, more difficult than i first thought ^^;;

Please dont laugh too much (even though i am X3), but i was wondering if anyone was kind enough to redline this for me?
It no where near fnished yet, i just have the basic shapes in, but I dont like how it is turning out so i need to stop and ask for advice ^^;;

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any help or crit would be much appreciated.
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