August 4th, 2011

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lesson learned

I ordered rust from mendels ,looks very thin this is for a fox suit. Not much of an under coat close to looking like crap fur so going to get cloth swatchs every time.And they folded it into a box kinked the fur all up. this sucks.
So my first con no suit.

Tips, pointers, advice

So this is my FIRST time making a head on a bacalava style, with moving jaw. . im thinking of switchin to a resin mask as I am better at sculpting with my hands, than I am with a knife and foam, but I dont want to discourgae myself. . so does anyone have any tips for me as far as this head goes

heres is a ref -

my main problem is cutting the foam evenly in the muzzle area. . when i cut it out the one side looks great, but the other side is all smaller and choppy, its not even basically.

the muzzle is the biggest challenge im having. . as i want it to be a moving jaw.

I did post on here aswell as finding someone to make him for me too. Id like at least 2 heads of him, one made by me, and the other by someone else. :)

Tail backpack

I've been thinking about a squirrel tail for a friend of mine, and I came up with the idea of using a backpack so one could wear it so it'd stand up like a squirrel tail normally does. (This would also work to keep it from being -so- heavy from foam or whatnot).

My question is, has anyone done anything like this? If so what is there to do, and if not, is it plausible to do that? I think it'd be cool to have a tail backpack that you could have a small spot to put things in, like your wallet and room key and such.

head base help ,please?

Hello there! i've been around for a bit ,but i've never really posted a journal asking for help. I'm sorta shy and a bit timid about posting here ,honestly. Anyway , I tried a different head style last week. This head is my first balaclava and foam based head. I'll admit ,the thought of doing this method made me cringe! I was wondering if anyone would be nice enough to red line the head for me. I understand that the ears are missing ,but I wanted to make sure everything was alright in the face ,before I added the ears. I'm basically going for a toony cyote or a basic toony canine. I have a feeling that the muzzle looks a bit duck bill (ish?) , but i'm unsure where to put the foam so it doesn't look that way. I'm hopping a nose will help define tha area a bit more.
Part of the muzzle is a bit crooked aswell. Do the cheeks need to be extended back a bit or rounded out a bit bigger?
I'm sorry for all of these questions ><.
If you can redline this for me I'd greatly appreciate it!
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Resin Eye Casting

Hey there.

I've been snooping around here and looking at all of the memories at resin casting.

I know what to use and such. But before hand, I went and bought some EasyCast resin casting.

I've poured some of it and I'm letting it cure. But I made some a while ago.

It didn't turn out well, they wont come out of the mold. I use the same amount of resin mixtures for both, mix them together and use the release agent. But the thing is, they don't come out of the mold and/or they never cure.

Can anyone help me with my probelm?
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Hey guys, I need a tad of help. I'm working on a lab puppy right now and I need to see a ref of semi floppy ears that are forward facing.

Might anyone have a good tutorial? I've check the memories, but there are very few visual references.


Thank you all very much! Got what I needed! <3 I'll leave this up in case someone else may need it as well.