August 6th, 2011


Grey Fur Final Final Update

 Hey everyone,

I know people have been looking for shades of grey, and in my last post I said I had run out.
Turns out that the bolts were more tightly wound than expected and I do have some left.
I have a warm grey, and a dark grey like MM fox. Hope this helps out anyone looking for specific furs.

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Furring? Any recommendations?

So I looked all over the forum so I'm sorry if this has already been answered. I didn't see it so I thought I'd ask.
I'm working on a new fursuit head and I want to make sure I make it as perfect as I possibly can with my skill level.
I sewed all of the pattern together and laid it on my head. It looks good so far, so my question basically is-Before I even try shaving different areas to make the fur there any specific stitch you are supposed to use to bring the pattern together? My concern is that if I shave it you'll be able to see the seams. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, I'm not sure. I used DF fur, long pile, and I used a basic stitch to bring all the pattern together (hand sewn). I wanted to ask now before I tried shaving.
Thank you.
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Ok so ive started furring and im alsmot done! almost ready to start gluing it all done just have to get the ears done..and i was wondering what is the best way to make a bib that covers the neck? should i have made the peices longer? this is what i have now (There will be a zipper)

What would you recommend for the neck? this is my first suit so i know the furring is not the best but i do hope it looks ok to say the least

Oh the reason the eyes look weird is becauce they blend into the black so she looks like a guy right not sure how i can do eyebrows but she will have hair and such

resin head shape help

okay so i'm having a go at resin heads. gonna start with the regular wolf head. i think i should strip back to the main base again and start over. i didnt have the eyes to begin with so i wasn't sure where the muzzle should sit. i've been trying to look for wolf head sculpting tutorials and i've looked at qarrezel and sugarpoultry's work. i've drawn the mask so i can get eye placement right. is it looking 'okay' so far or should i start again? red lines would be great. i took a lot of length off the muzzle (at least 1 1/2") so the front looks a bit mutilated as i haven't worked on it.
does anyone know a tutorial for wolf head sculptures that would help? oh also the carved ovals beneath the resin eyes is where the wearers eyes would be. the top of the head is missing so its a universal fit. but if you say i have to fill it, thats fine. cant find a tutorial of head shaping anywhere. could really really do with one :(Collapse )